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Our favorite research group, The Pew Internet and American Life Project, has produced a new report about online privacy.

We always recommend that you take a deep dive into any Pew research because it is free and it doesn’t have an agenda (in other words, it’s not research as PR which seems to be the norm these days).

The report entitled, Anonymity, Privacy and Security Online, looks at the hottest subject in the online space: privacy. Privacy is the anti-big data play in the online space. It’s something that keeps marketers up at night because the less data there is about online users the less targeted marketing messages can be.

Add to that the findings that show that the youngest Internet users are working the hardest to have some semblance of online privacy and the marketing team could have a harder time reaching their targets. Here is a comparison by age group about who tries to do what with regard to privacy.

Pew Research Online Privacy

Now look at another finding and you wonder if younger folks are really that concerned because they are not holding back on what they share online.

Young Folks Share More Too

So maybe there is not as much to worry about regarding those who are true citizens of the Internet age. At first you think “Well, these people are watching their reputations, privacy and more. That’s impressive.” Then you realize that their attempts to have online privacy are somewhat hypocritical as they lead the pack in putting personal information online.

No matter how you shake it though, online privacy battles are only going to escalate in the age of NSA surveillance and a general paranoia that hangs over the idea of putting personal data out into the cloud.

As a marketer are you concerned that efforts to remain private and anonymous will hinder your online marketing efforts or will there always be enough data to go around?

  • cynthialil

    Interesting – my first thought was, how unusual. Since they were brought up on the internet, I would think they’d be fearless. Plus, I don’t think that age group worries about privacy or safety as much as older adults do anyway. Then, when I looked at the charts, I thought – maybe 18-29’s just have a lot more bad behavior to hide! LOL