Moms With Young Children are Twice as Active on Social Media

play-time-2-1081262-mNew moms go through a roller coaster of emotions. First there’s the joy, then the fear, then the exhaustion sets in and loneliness takes hold. It’s particularity difficult for young women who are the first of their peer group to have kids. You say being a mom won’t change anything but when your single girl friends are headed out to a nightclub, you quickly realize that having a child changes everything.

So it’s not surprising that moms are using social networks to reach out and connect with other moms. Facebook friends – even those you’ve never met in real life – can be a huge comfort when you’re feeling bored, lonely or your worried about your parenting skills.

Facebook’s Strong Q3 Is Overshadowed by Fleeing Teen Users

nlf0nHMFacebook reported their Third Quarter 2013 results this week and for a few hours the world was good.

  • Daily active users (DAUs) were 728 million on average for September 2013, an increase of 25% year-over-year.
  • Mobile MAUs were 874 million as of September 30, 2013, an increase of 45% year-over-year. Mobile DAUs were 507 million on average for September 2013.

Revenue for the third quarter of 2013 totaled $2.02 billion, an increase of 60%, compared with $1.26 billion in the third quarter of 2012.

  • Revenue from advertising was $1.80 billion, a 66% increase from the same quarter last year.
  • Mobile advertising revenue represented approximately 49% of advertising revenue for the third quarter of 2013.
  • Payments and other fees revenue was $218 million for the third quarter of 2013.

NSA Laughs At the Thought of Search Privacy

Let’s face it. Nothing is private. If you think it is then you might just be an idiot. Sorry to be so blunt but the latest news regarding the NSA and Google (along with Yahoo) makes it pretty clear that nothing is private. Now whether you care about that is another issue because many don’t and that’s their prerogative.

The Washington Post (is this Jeff Bezos impacting the ‘reporting’ already?) tells us the brutal truth.

The NSA, working with its British counterpart, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), secretly taps into the internal networks of Yahoo and Google, the two biggest Internet companies by overall data traffic. The operation intercepts information flowing between the enormous data centers that those companies maintain around the world. In general, Google and Yahoo use privately owned or leased lines to synchronize their data centers.

Since a picture can say so much more take a look at this graphic describing how Google gets gamed by the NSA.


Now if you want to see the handmade drawing that apparently sent two Googler’s into a fit of techno rage this is the one which is also from the Post.

Is Parallax Scrolling The Future of Infographics?

As a marketer, I started using infographics to drive visibility, traffic, and leads for my clients around four years ago. Yes, I was a bit late to the game, but immediately saw massive value in this type of promotion strategy and engaged with our good friends at Avalaunch to help in the creation and promotion of these graphics for my clients.

Because we were driven marketers, my colleague Ash Buckles and I were always asking, what’s the next for the infographic? Is it video infographics, interactive infographics, etc.? I’m not sure anyone really had a good answer back then and I’m not sure they do today either.

I will tell you, that we’ve seen some cool video infographics, like this one from MDGadvertising titled “A Marketer’s Guide to Pinterest” or this one from Lemonly titled “’s Pop Culture Halloween Costumes of 2012”, but these are few and far between.

Starbucks Launches Tweet A Coffee Program and Amazon Gives Back

StarbucksStarbucks caused a “stir” this week with their new Tweet-A-Coffee program. Sign up for the program and you can send $5 Starbucks gift cards to anyone who has a Twitter handle.

Use it to send gifts to your friends and family or use to do deliver a random act of kindness to someone you barely know. Marketers, you can use this program to send Starbucks greetings to your most influential Twitter followers. It’s only available in the US but there doesn’t appear to be a limit on how many you can send.

The first time you use the system, you have to visit the Tweet-A-Coffee page first. You have to have (or start) a Starbucks account, then you click to hook that account to your Twitter. Finally, add a form of payment or choose one you already have on file.

Pinterest Rolls Out Related Pins to Facilitate Pin Discovery

I go to Pinterest for inspiration but skimming my personal feed rarely does the trick. Because everything in my feed comes from people I follow, it tends to be very predictable and repetitive. What I prefer to do is search for images from people I don’t follow. Sadly, Pinterest’s search engine isn’t very intuitive and it can be hard to find the right words to get the results I want.

In order to facilitate pin discovery, Pinterest is trying something new called “related pins.” These are images that come from people you don’t follow. And don’t confuse them with Sponsored Pins. Related pins are just randomly chosen images that Pinterest thinks you might enjoy.

related pins

Study Reveals Reasons for Executives Delaying Digital

It’s 2013 so nobody still has issues with getting involved in the digital space, right?

Well, according to a study conducted by the MIT Sloan Management Review and Capgemini Consulting and reported by eMarketer it appears that there are still barriers.

Corporate Cultural Barriers for Digital

We don’t have time for this right now? Really?

We don’t know how to that? Then learn it.

This is the way we’ve always done it. So what?

The rest of the questions / concerns get progressively worse.

What will it take to make folks like this see the light? Maybe it’s just waiting until they age out? That seems to be the most likely since not everyone is going to get onboard. They just aren’t. Time to move on, right?