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christmas greetingsGod Jul! Feliz Navidad! Buone Feste Natalizie!

Doesn’t matter which language you use, it all means the same thing – holiday cha-ching!

Retail-Me-Not took a quick trip around the world to discover the holiday shopping habits of folks in different countries and I found the results quite fascinating.  So, let’s dive into the numbers together.

40% of Americans said they were going to start shopping for December in October. But 22% of bargain hunters said they start shopping on January 1, collecting up gifts all year long in order to spread out the financial burden.

Over in Sweden and the Netherlands, almost half of those surveyed closed their eyes to early shopping, saying they plan on waiting until December to begin their hunt. If you think that’s pushing it, 18% of people in Italy said they’ll be waiting until AFTER the holidays to go shopping. That’s one way to get bargain basement prices on everything!

 Online Around the World

84% of the people in this international survey said they plan to do at least some of their holiday shopping online. 21% said the majority of their gifts would come from the internet with China, Great Britain, Germany  leading the way. Folks from the Netherlands, Italy and Canada were the least likely to do much of their shopping online.

Here in the US, 9 out of 10 shoppers will pick up at least a few gifts online. The number of people who said they’d do the majority of their shopping online rose by 24%. That’s excellent news for online only retailers.

Financial Concerns

There’s plenty of holiday cheer floating around but there are also big financial concerns. 56% of Americans said they’d be spending the same as last year or more but 1 in 4 are worried about how they’re going to pay for it all.

Nearly half of those surveyed in Italy (45%), as well as over a third in Australia (37%), Great Britain (36%), United States (35%) and France (35%) say they will probably spend less this year.

How’s it looking where you are? Are the holiday sales rolling in? The sellers I know aren’t reaping the rewards just yet and I fear that’s because of this government shutdown. Now that it’s over, maybe we can all get back to the business of doing business.