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Harpers List

The first issue of Harper’s Bazaar was published in 1867. No, that’s not a typo. For more than 100 years, women have been flipping the pages of this magazine to find the latest news and trends from the world of high fashion. The magazine, which is now owned by the Hearst Corporation, is available in 43 countries and there’s a digital version for the iPad.

Starting next month, the web version of Harper’s Bazaar will contain even more content as part of a snazzy new site design. The New York Times says the new design will make it easier for readers to share content socially. It will also include a new collaboration between editorial and advertising called #TheList.

#TheList is a daily round-up of the top trends in fashion and beauty. Though most of the items on #TheList will be chosen by editors, a few will be the result of a sponsorship deal.

Weekly sponsors will get to add their own products to a specially curated list, add a link to their web site and run a banner ad on the page.

The first sponsor up at bat is Equipment – a clothing company that specializes in classic men’s wear style clothing for women. Their blouses will be featured in a list called “The Evolution of the Essential.”

It’s an easy and natural fit – as long as readers don’t feel they’re being tricked into viewing an advertisement. This shouldn’t be a problem as long as the magazine is choosy about which advertisers they let in. It’s one thing to include beautifully tailored blouses from a high-end brand like Equipment, but readers are likely to balk if Kmart clothing shows up next to the latest from Lanvin and Dolce & Gabbana.

Hearst Gets More Awesome

In other Hearst magazine news, AwesomenessTV is teaming up with Seventeen magazine to create a stand-alone YouTube channel loaded with original content aimed at teens.

AwesomenessTV CEO Brian Robbins said,

“Multiple generations of teen girls have turned to Seventeen for the latest in fashion, beauty, lifestyle advice and more, which is why we are excited about working with Hearst to engage with today’s connected teens through the platforms they care about most. This is a generation that not only consumes an amazing amount of content, but produces it as well, which is what we are tapping into for Seventeen.”

AwesomenessTV was recently acquired by DreamWorks Animation and is one of the fastest growing video destinations for teens. Their combined channels have more than 26 million subscribers and 1.93 billion views. Who wouldn’t want a piece of that.