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Diversification is good. . . to a point. When McDonalds started selling salads in addition to hamburgers, it was a good thing. When Ralph Lauren decided to bring his tailored, sophisticated fashion sense to home decor, it was a wonderful thing.

But socks from top rating note-taking app Evernote? And not just any socks – but $85 for 5 pairs of wildly colored socks?

Socks by EvernoteI’m perplexed.

The Evernote Marketplace went online last month, but they only just sent me the email so forgive my late reply. At first, I thought it was a good idea. The email says: “Evernote’s goal is to make you better at everything, from your day’s tasks to your life’s work.”

I’m up with that. And since I’m a productivity addict, I clicked expecting to see all kinds of gadgets that will help me get my life organized. After all, that’s what Evernote is all about, right? The app is designed to help you collect and categorize all the bits of digital flotsam and jetsam that you might need one day. So, the Evernote Marketplace should carry physical objects that will help me do the same thing.

I didn’t expect socks. And I sure didn’t expect $85 pink and purple socks for men. The store does also carry pricy notebooks and sweaters for your iPad. There’s also a $180 minimalist backpack and a $500 scanner. Apparently, a better life doesn’t come cheap.

It’s tough being just an app company, so I understand the need to branch out. To keep the lights on you have to sell a lot of $5 Pro plan upgrades. But the profit from 1 sock sale will keep the phones working for at least another week. But when a company diversifies, it has to make sense and the Evernote Marketplace doesn’t make any sense to me.

According to Evernote’s FAQ, the Marketplace was created as an alternative revenue stream to selling ads.

Our goal is be an ever-innovating, globally-inspired, benefit-obsessed company for the next 100 years. This requires a singular focus on making the absolute best and smartest products possible. That’s why our business is so simple to understand. We sell things that make your Evernote experience even richer. We don’t show ads, mine your data or do anything that might diminish your confidence in our company. Forever.

Really, when did advertising become such a dirty word.

What do you think? Good idea or crazy idea? And truthfully, would you buy those socks?

  • Do you have the phrase ‘put a sock in it’ in the USA, which means to be quiet, I don’t know, just reading about Evernote doing this made me think of that quote!

  • Billy McBilly Billyson

    Only $85! What good deal! I will buy many pair of these for all family member. Evernote also sell trousers? I need them too.

  • Jimmy Bob McKrapperson

    I will buy 20 sets of these socks. I am looking to increase my productivity. It is obvious these socks are the way to go. I will buy them for all my friends too. Now… these socks provide wireless syncing and mobile internet, right? I think I remember reading about that, but then again, I just drank a case of Colt 45. Yay socks!