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global-moneybox-738173-mPinterest just announced a partnership with Telefónica Digital that will put the pin the photo site to the home screen of millions of Android phones around the world.

Going forward, a new Pinterest widget will be included on all new Telefónica phones. People in the UK who already have a phone will be able to download the app starting today. The roll out will hit Latin America and a few other European countries in the next few weeks. Mashable says the app has the potential to reach an additional 316 million foreign customers.

Pinterest has already seen huge growth in international users but this new relationship could make them a true social media force around the globe.

Like the Facebook Home users, Telefónica customers will have the option of seeing their live Pinterest stream without having to open the app. Just wake up your phone and there it is. If you’re not signed in, you’ll see the most popular pins.

pinterest widget

When it comes to reaching a foreign audience, Pinterest has an advantage over Twitter and Facebook – a lack of text. Since the site is all about images, there’s a very low language barrier.

Facebook Takes Another Step Toward Internet For All

Facebook wrote a big check this week to buy Israeli mobile app-maker Onavo. The company is known for their mobile app which helps people use their data more efficiently. They say their special data compression system allows users to get five times more usage without paying an extra dime to their provider.

Here in the US, we tend to take our data plans for granted but there are places all over the world where the cost of going online is prohibitive. Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is trying to change that and this deal with Onavo is a big step in the right direction.

A Facebook spokeswoman told Reuters:

“We expect Onavo’s data compression technology to play a central role in our mission to connect more people to the internet, and their analytic tools will help us provide better, more efficient mobile products.”

In an unusual twist, Facebook has agreed to allow Onavo to continue operating out of their office in Tel Aviv. Normally, when Facebook acquires a company they bring those employees on to their main campus in Menlo Park, California.

Isn’t it funny how technology allows people from all over the globe to work together, but tech companies still prefer to have their workers under one roof?