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Facebook Page admins, a simpler, yet more powerful version of Page Insights is headed your way and it’s a thing of beauty. That ridiculous “virality” score is gone in favor of a term everyone understands – Engagement. That silly “people are talking” metric is now broken down into data you can actually use: Page Likes, People Engaged (the number of unique people who have clicked on, liked, commented on, or shared your posts), Page tags and mentions, Page checkins and other interactions on a Page.

The charts are easier to read. The options to drill down are more plentiful and the numbers actually make sense.

Facebook, today you get one of my rare gold stars.

new anayltics 1

The new dashboard has six areas. (Forgive the lousy photo, I had to pull it from their training video.)  It begins with Overview: a quick look at Likes, Reach and Engagement over the past week.


This tab is broken into three areas: Total Likes, Net Likes (Likes Minus Unlikes) and Where Your Likes Came From.

You can now click on any point on the graph to see a snapshot of that day so you can determine what caused a large rise or fall. You can also drag your cursor to get data for any date range. You can also use the benchmark categories to compare performance over time.

net likes facebook

Here’s an example of Organic Likes. It automatically compares the past week to the prior week so you can see if you’re improving or losing ground.


This tab has graphs showing organic vs paid post engagement, a graph showing Likes, Comments and Shares, and another showing negative behavior such as Hiding or Unliking your posts or pages.

Again, you can click to drill down to the post level or select a date range for comparisons.


Here you’ll find which Pages and Tabs are getting the most visits. There’s a graph for external activities such as check-ins and another that shows external referrers.


This is the real heart of the Insights tool. First, use it to see when your fans are on and engaged. It’s broken down by day of the week and then times. Use this. Don’t post at 10 on Monday when all of your fans are on Saturday at 2. Play around with times and days and watch the effect. Everyone’s stream is loaded with posts, so you want to do everything you can to put your content in front of people before they’re overwhelmed with data.

Below that you’ll find all of your posts with their individual stats. It begins with an overview that includes engagement numbers and percentage of all visitors who Liked, Commented or Shared. Click any of the post links and you get a post detail card like this:

post detail

This is all excellent information you can use. Review a couple of your hits and misses each week and really dig into the numbers. Which posts are getting comments? Which are being shared? Are any of them getting negative feedback? Find what works and do it again.


The last tab looks at your demographics and compares it to Facebook. Who is visiting your page? Men or women? Young or old? Where do your most engaged followers live? This is great information not just for Facebook but for your brand. Use this information to target your next paid post.

Overall, this is a terrific update. What’s funny is that it’s so much easier to read and understand and yet it seems like there’s more data than ever before. I’m excited.