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What’s your Facebook advertising objective?

Seems like a simple enough question but it’s one many small business owners have trouble answering. More is usually part of the equation, but more what? More likes? More sales? More traffic to your website? If you don’t know your objective, you can’t measure your results and that means you could be throwing away good money on ads that aren’t working.

Facebook says they now understand that objective is more important than size and target numbers, so they’ve simplified their ad buying tool with this in mind.

You start by choosing your objective from a list of options:

facebook ads whats your objective

From there, you upload your images and write your text. Then Facebook takes over. They create an ad that they think best meets your objective. You can preview it, then Facebook recommends the optimization and bidding that they feel will get you closer to your goal.

They’ve also updated the stats dashboard with columns directly related to your ad objective.

facebook ads conversion objectives

Now, it’s easy to see if your ads are a hit or a miss.

Though Facebook will happily place your ads where they see fit, they’ve also given advertisers the option of choosing between desktop or mobile. This is particularly important if you’re driving traffic to a website that has both a standard and mobile URL.

The best thing about this upgrade is that it takes allows newbies to buy ads without having to make dozens of worrisome choices. Normally, I wouldn’t say trust Facebook but in this case, it’s okay because they benefit from your success. If you can see results, you’ll continue to pay for ads. It’s that simple.

If you’d like to listen to someone telling you about this new program, Facebook has a video for that.

Facebook says the objective-based buying tool is rolling out as we speak and will be available to all within a few weeks.

I’d like to know what you think. If you’ve never bought a Facebook ad before, does this concept make you feel more comfortable about giving it a try? If you are a Facebook ad buyer, do you think this tool is a real upgrade or just window dressing?