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Content marketing works and it is gaining more and more traction in the B2B space.

It’s not a matter of whether or not someone is going to do some form of content marketing. Now it’s a matter of how much is being done. Apparently according to the “2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends” which was put together by The Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs B2B marketers wish they could do more but it’s a matter of time.

Not in a “Oh we will get to it” sense either. No, instead it’s in a “We don’t have enough time to do this!” manner which is troubling. (Click image to enlarge)

Challenges Facing B2B Content Marketers

Take a little deeper dive though and we see that the issue of time is much worse for smaller companies than it is for larger ones.

Large v Small Company Issues in Content Marketing

The time concern is just one of the issues that pose problems for online marketers but it’s the one that is the most troubling since you can’t manufacture more time. Even if you could, good content takes a fair amount of time to do well. Compound that issue with the fact that not everyone is cut out to write content and many smaller players simply won’t invest in outsourcing content creation. It’s a short-sighted look at things and businesses suffer as a result.

Check out the entire report and get a strong sense of al things content marketing. How do your efforts stack up to the findings?

  • Ryan Kettler

    No surprise here Frank. We hear the “no time” excuse far too often.

    The old adage is that people spend their time on what’s important to them, so if content marketing showed more ROI, they would set aside the time to do it. It’s just that most marketers start on the wrong foot, following dated practices that won’t get them any results. They fail before they see anything come to fruition, so they quit.

    Optimizing your time as a B2B marketer is crucial. One of the easiest ways to save time is by creating a solid content schedule centered around niche keyword research and industry trends. Even one article a week can make the difference for a small businesses.

    You need to get those inbound links to boost your page rank as well, and people aren’t going to give them to you just because you ask nicely. You have to put some thought into each article. Ask yourself, “what value am I providing my audience with?” If there’s value in the content, people will acknowledge it in the form of shares.

    Optimized, valuable, consistent content is better than just some content is better than no content at all. It’s all relative.

  • cynthialil

    I think that when we say “I don’t have time” it really means we don’t have the brain space. I could stop watching TV and gain three more hours a day but my brain can’t take anymore. We’re always putting out fires and rarely take time to just sit and ruminate. That’s when the creativity happens. An hour of downtime, could result in more work time.