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Galaxy Gear. Are You Ready?

I am a baseball fan. As a result I am watching playoff baseball a lot these days.

Apparently, Samsung thinks that folks who watch baseball might be interested in their Galaxy Gear ‘watch’. The ads are everywhere (Samsung’s Galaxy Gear is a sponsor of the broadcasts) and make you take notice. Personally, I’m not there yet but that’s just me. In fact, as a result of having my smartphone for so long I stopped wearing a watch completely so putting one back on makes no sense but, once again, that’s just me.

Here are a couple of the ads for the Gear. What is your take? Is the market ready? Are marketers ready?

Here’s another one.

It feels like Samsung is investing in advertising this product more so to look like a first mover than to capitalize on a large ready and waiting market. In its increasingly contentious battle with Apple this might be a good pre-emptive strike.

What do you think?