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Google Search Results for TV Shows Gives Episodes and Air Dates

While it’s not the most significant change in the Google SERPs ever, the addition of episodes and air dates for results about TV shows is interesting. Why? It’s just a matter of deeper information. Of course, if episodes can be purchased via Google Play that would make it even more interesting but that’s for another day maybe.

Check out this result page for a search for “Sons of Anarchy” (a personal favorite)

Sons of Anarchy

Once again, is this earth shattering? Nah. But it is indicative of what search is turning into for the future. Deeper more meaningful results that lead to action much more readily than the blue text results only of the past.

What would you like to see in results for other types of search. In particular, types of business searches.

Let’s hear your thoughts!

  • cynthialil

    To me, that’s valuable information. I’m always looking for the names and episode numbers of shows. Last night I was trying to find the name of a song from the new show The Blacklist, but first I needed the episode title. I followed your example above and found it in two clicks.

  • Andrew Dennis

    Thanks for sharing this Frank! I believe this is all part of the new “Hummingbird” algorithm and is very indicative of the direction Google wants to go with its SERPs moving forward.

    P.S. Sons of Anarchy = great show!