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Instagram Infograhic PreviewTwitter marketing. Facebook marketing. Regular old marketing. Content marketing. The list of types of marketing that is prescribed to every marketing professional as if everyone knows everything all this intuitively continue to grow day in and day out.

Not to be left out, Instagram is staking its claim to the advertiser world that it should be part of their overall plan.

Why you ask? Well, there are some rather large numbers associated with the service. Couple that with the fact that it’s owed by Facebook and the marketing mind begins to spin at high speed.

Take a look at this infographic from InstaZebra and see if Instagram has enough statistical ooooomph to get your attention.

Instagram infographic

  • Some good facts about Instagram – Thanks for the graphic!

  • Hi Frank. Great infographic! Another company that’s doing great Instagram marketing is Starbucks. They post a lot of awesome behind-the-scenes photos that create a connection with their followers, like this one of them processing their coffee beans:

  • newspapergrl

    I’m intrigued at the cottage industry popping up on Instagram in the fashion niche. Not sure it will last, but it’s great to see bloggers or anyone who can create a large following directly monetize this network. I like it even more knowing that it’s owned by Facebook. On FB it’s tough to make direct sales but it seems more common on Instagram.

  • Sarah Pinnix

    Are these Instagrammers disclosing that their photos are paid advertisements?