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time-is-going-1415573-mMost email marketing messages are scheduled to go out first thing in the morning. I know this is so because I wake up to a bunch of them every day. And do you know what I do with most of them? I delete them because I can’t stand having a cluttered email box when I’m working.

Now, if you send me a marketing email late in the day it has a better chance of sticking around, getting read and more importantly, clicked. Why? Because that’s when I’m browsing the web and doing my online shopping.

According to Retention Science, 65% of consumers shop online in the afternoon and at night. They discovered this after analyzing 100 million online transactions, 20 million user profiles and 100 email campaigns. That’s a lot of data.

They also discovered that, setting aside some variations by industry, Tuesdays and Fridays were the best days to reach customers. Promo offers sent on Tuesdays had a 28% conversion rate and Fridays came in at 27%.

Weekends barely convert at all – 3% on Saturday and 6% on Sunday. Maybe that’s because people use those days to shop offline instead.

Timing is critical in email marketing because it’s just as easy – if not easier – to trash an email as it is a postcard you receive in the mail. But it’s not just about the day of the week, the time between first and next contact is important, too.

Jerry Jao, CEO of Retention Science says,

Many businesses believe that if they don’t engage their customers and ‘convert’ them within 15 days, then the customers have less chance to be a repeat customer, that is one interesting trend we’re seeing as well.

Retention Science found conversion based on subscription email newsletters predominantly occurs during the first 14 days of the subscription period (89%). The first and third days of subscription deliver the highest conversion rates with 23% and 11% respectively.

Dangling the Carrot

Perfect timing is all about getting your customer to stop and read an email. Once they do that, only the right content will get them to click. We know that limited time offers help because they create a sense of urgency. Retention Science says if you really want to get a customer’s attention then forget the discount and offer free shipping.

Free shipping offers convert at rates between .22% and 1.9%, making them twice as effective as price reduction offers, which covert at rates between .1% and .8%.

Time to take a closer look at your email marketing schedule. Are you a morning sender? Retention says a shift to late afternoon could result in a huge increase in conversions. Why not give it a try?






  • Timing is most important even when we share something over the social networks we need to schedule the post so that it can reach to most people. Especially this is important when your business is international and you are running marketing campaign from countries other than where the target location. always analyze and find the best time for any email and post we distribure over the web.