For B2B Marketers It’s A Matter of Time

Content marketing works and it is gaining more and more traction in the B2B space.

It’s not a matter of whether or not someone is going to do some form of content marketing. Now it’s a matter of how much is being done. Apparently according to the “2013 B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends” which was put together by The Content Marketing Institute and Marketing Profs B2B marketers wish they could do more but it’s a matter of time.

Not in a “Oh we will get to it” sense either. No, instead it’s in a “We don’t have enough time to do this!” manner which is troubling. (Click image to enlarge)

Challenges Facing B2B Content Marketers

3 Out of 10 Using Facebook at Work

Is social media hurting your productivity at work? Do you care?

Are your employees using social during the work day? Of course they are! But how much? Here is some research from Statista that shows just how popular social is in the workplace. Agree? Disagree?


Cisco Offers Free WiFi in Return for a Facebook Check-in

Philz-2Facebook and Cisco are going into business together on a project that will help both consumers and business owners. It’s called CMX for Facebook Wi-Fi.

How CMX for Facebook Wi-Fi Works:

-   Consumers connect to the network of a participating business, open their browser on any mobile device or laptop, and a Facebook check-in page appears.

–   After checking in, consumers are directed to the business’ Facebook Page, where they can receive the latest information about the venue.

It’s ingenious.

WiFi is one of those things that wasn’t even on my radar five years ago but now feels like a necessity. Whether I’m at the grocery store, the mall, at a restaurant, I feel the need for free WiFi. It’s how I check prices, download coupons and entertain myself while I’m waiting for my order. Sure, I have a data plan on my phone but 3G often leaves me high and dry. I’d trade a check-in for a WiFi connection without hesitation.

74 Percent of Millennials Won’t Share Social Deals. How Do You Reach Them? Go Mobile

millennials on mobileThere are 86 million Millennials (age 18-34) in the US and they have money to spend this holiday season. Only trouble is, traditional holiday advertising doesn’t work for this group, so if you want to reach them, you’re going to have to go mobile.

Campaigner, an email marketing company, surveyed a whole bunch of consumers then dug out all of the responses that came from Millennials and put that info into a jazzy infographic.

For those who prefer words to pictures, I’ll summarize the results.

It begins with mobile:

67% of all millennials check email on their mobile phone.

When you look only at mobile device owners, that’s 9 out of 10.

Here’s the good news / bad news:

Facebook New Features Aim to Help Conversions and Engagement for Mobile Ads

Facebook has announced new features that are designed to increase engagement and conversions. Those words are music to any marketers’ ears for sure. It is also something that Facebook stockholders are going to be excited about too.

On the Facebook for Business site we read

To help drive engagement and conversions, we’ve added new features to mobile app ads that are designed to help businesses reach people that have already downloaded their apps and direct them back into specific features, content or products within the app.

Businesses can now choose from seven different calls to action within mobile app ads. These include universal actions like ‘Open Link’ or ‘Use App,’ along with more vertical-specific calls to action: ‘Shop Now,’ ‘Play Game,’ ‘Book Now,’ ‘Listen Now,’ or ‘Watch Video.’ From these calls to action, businesses with deep links can send their existing customers directly into customized, specific locations within their apps, such as new content, sales or product promotions.

It must be important because they made a video

This is pretty big. Take a look at this call to action for this advertiser

Will Google’s Latest Offer to EU End Its Troubles? Not Likely

google-logo1The news out of Europe is that Google may be getting to the end of the trouble they have been having with the EU. That’s at least what the EU and Google are thinking. From Reuters we get

An offer by Google to modify how it displays Internet search results could settle a long-running antitrust dispute with the European Union, the EU competition chief said on Tuesday.

The world’s most popular search engine has been under investigation for three years by the European Commission, which acts as the bloc’s antitrust regulator, over complaints it was blocking competitors in search results.

More than a dozen companies, including Microsoft, British price comparison site Foundem and German online mapping company Hotmaps, have accused it of squeezing them out of the market.

What the Government Shut Down Means for Internet Marketers

Sorry, but the US Government is closed until further notice. Sounds weird but it’s true. As of this morning, all non-essential government workers are out of work for who knows how long.

Museums, national parks, The Food and Drug Administration will stop doing routine safety inspections and even some websites will stop functioning.

govern shutdown

Government agencies who have social media accounts will also stop posting and replying.

nasa social mediaHow does this all effect internet marketers? Let’s look at the possibilities:

The biggest issue is the impact on the economy. I’m not big on actual numbers. I prefer to look at the human side. Government workers have no idea when they’ll be paid again or if they’ll be paid for time lost. That means they’re going to stop spending on anything that isn’t essential. If those are your customers, you’re going to see a decrease in sales.