Which Would You Rather Have? A $250 Discount or a $200 Gift Card?

report-preference-web01You’re about to buy a new car. You can have a $250 discount off the price or a $200 Visa gift card. Which would you choose?

If  you’re like most people, you’d choose the gift card. The new Parago 2013 Shopper Reward Preference Study shows that people are two times as likely to pick the lower, gift card reward rather than the higher discount. Value wise, it’s a bad choice but in this case it’s about perception.

You won’t even notice a $250 savings on the total price of your car, but you’ll feel richer when you go to spend that $200 gift card at Target. Plus, spending found money is a whole lot more fun than saving it.

Facebook’s Graph Search To Include Status Updates and Posts

Facebook is allowing users to search more of what users see as part of their day to day experience with the service.

Now Graph Search will have status updates and posts in results. Basically, if it’s something that has been shared with you it can be searched by you.

Facebook tells us

Starting today, Graph Search will include posts and status updates. Now you will be able to search for status updates, photo captions, check-ins and comments to find things shared with you.

As an example here is something you might see if you searched for “Posts about Dancing with the Stars by my friends.” I would hope a search of my friends on this subject would return a goose egg but that’s my issue.

Graph Search Example

Content Marketing Continues to Evolve

Maybe we should modify the clarion call of the Internet marketing space from “Content is king!” to “Content marketing is king!”?

Content marketing has a broad definition and it is likely that no two marketers would have the exact same definition if asked what the term means to them and their marketing efforts.

But no matter how it is defined, content marketing is being used more and more. A recent study from Unisphere Research and reported by eMarketer shows that just the budget that is allocated to content marketing alone is enough evidence to show that content marketing is no longer just a buzz word.

Content Marketing Budget

With 41% of the respondents saying that somewhere between 10 to 50% of budget is being allocated to content marketing that should make many stand up and take notice.