39 tips from London Conversion Conference

Website owners are spending 9x as much money getting people to their website than they do converting them, however most websites still have a conversion problem! At this year’s Conversion Conference in London, Gareth Davies from Marketing Pilgrim was on hand to listen to some of the world’s leading conversion experts share some of their top tips.


Conversion graphic london

1. Every conversion rate is an average of many conversion rates, such as new visitors, return visitors, mobile etcĂ­ – Matt Althauser, Optimizely

2. Incentivize people in the company to come up with new testing ideas, you can even make it a game – Matt Althauser

3. Orbit presented higher priced items to Mac users when they arrived at their website and saw an increase in conversion – Matt Althauser

A 300% Ad View Spike In One Day? That’s Entertainment!

smart report entertainmentIt’s time for another Millennial Media S.M.A.R.T report and this month the topic is especially near and dear to my heart – entertainment!

If you’re new to this, S.M.A.R.T. stands for Scorecard for Mobile Advertising Reach and Targeting and it’s a monthly look at how marketers are spending their mobile ad dollars and how consumers are responding.

This is a big time of year for entertainment companies. September and October are all about new TV shows and returning TV favorites. Studios are also hawking prior season DVD sets in time for the holidays. November and December are big movie months. This year is looking particularly strong with The Hunger Games: Catching Fire hitting theaters around Thanksgiving and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug in December. December is also a big month for video game releases and exclusive movie and TV boxsets.

Oops, There it is! Twitter Adds Photo Previews to the Feed

I follow a wide variety of unusual and creative people on Twitter so I’m a little worried about a new feature the company just released. Going forward (or once you download the update to your Android or iPhone), you’ll now see previews of some images and videos right in your feed.

Here’s an example of a lovely Twitter photo:

twitter pics

On mobile, just tap the photo and it will expand into its own frame. Vine videos will also show up as a preview in your feed. Just tap (or click) to watch. Twitter suggests you start Tweeting images without any text at all and since a picture is worth a 1,000 words, it’s a great way to say more with less.

Forrester Analyst Lets Facebook Have It

Findings from a Forrester report paint a less than endearing picture of where marketers place Facebook in relation to other channels for marketing success. Let’s let the picture do the talking first.

Facebook Marketing

Of course, this kind of ‘finding’ makes for great headlines and creates a buzz for Forrester. Analyst Nate Elliott wasn’t content with letting the report do the talking. Here he takes a swing at Facebook in the form of a letter to Mark Zuckerberg.

Why are business leaders less satisfied with Facebook than with any other digital tool? We believe there are two reasons.

Samsung Scores Big With NBA Deal

samsung-logo_270x186Personally I am not an NBA fan but that doesn’t matter as a marketer. There is no denying that the NBA has a pretty broad appeal these days with stars like LeBron James and Kobe Bryant on the court and character like Charles Barkley off the court.

That said, Samsung is investing $100 million is a deal to sponsor the league this year. That’s a lot of iPhone users seeing Samsung phones, tablets and TVs as well as other Android users seeing the full scope of Samsung’s product offering.

cnet reports

The Lowly Promotional T-Shirt Gets a Philanthropic Lift

t-shirtThe T-shirt. It’s a basic staple that went from practical undergarment to fashion statement in under fifty years. We tie-dye them, rip them, fill them with glitter and studs. We mass produce them with funny images and hand paint them like works of art. You can buy one for $3 at Walmart or fork over several thousand dollars for a simple, plain, couture shirt.

But dig around in their closets and you’ll find that 44% of Americans own a promotional shirt that they probably didn’t even pay for. And why should they? Promo shirts turn the wearer into a walking billboard and now, those simple tops have a loftier goal – they’re raising money for charity.

Pinterest Partners with Getty As a Service to the Users?

Pinterest just signed a new partnership that will add more data to images and they’re doing it all for you – the user.

If you believe that, I have an oceanfront, beach house in Nebraska I’d like to sell you.

Pinterest’s new partner is Getty Images. You know, the people who own a tremendous amount of online images that everyone co-ops and uses without paying the required fee. Before anyone throws stones, let me say that I try to do the right thing when sourcing photos here or on any of my blogs, but it’s a tricky business. Once a photo is out there, it’s often impossible to find the original source. When I use a photo from a site like Stock.XCHNG, I’m putting my faith in the people who uploaded the photo in the first place. What more can you do?