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The day that Facebook (and now Twitter as its IPO is approaching) is waiting for is when the percentage of ad budgets spent on social media advertising matches the amount of talk there is about paid social media advertising.

Talk is apparently cheaper than ever these days since social and its retargeting capabilities etc etc are talked about incessantly but as shown by the chart below from eMarketer it still garners a relatively small percentage of marketing spend.

Social As Percentage of Ad Budgets

While it may seem low to some the real question is how far will it grow? As Twitter and Facebook mature as advertising platforms and their product sets get deeper it will likely help more and more ad spend get funneled in their direction.

But let’s ask one other question. Are these percentages actually low or are they right where they should be at this point in time? Think about it. 42% of the respondents were allocating between 6% and 25% of their budget to social. Maybe that’s ‘just right’.

What percentage of your ad spend goes toward social? Do the numbers you see here jibe with your experience? What is a reasonable (in other words, not hype driven) expectation of just how high the percentage of budget that goes to social can be?

Let’s hear something from the experts (that’s you, by the way) on this matter. Have a great weekend!