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The Cost of a Happy Halloween

halloween decorLast night I went to Michael’s Arts and Crafts and was surprised to find all of their Halloween items were on sale for at least 40% off. I snagged a couple of neat Halloween baking ramekins for only $1 each while I pondered their retail strategy. I understand that no one buys Halloween goods at full price after October 31 and I understand the need to clear the shelves for the Christmas goods, but it still seems early to have such a drastic sale.

I know Halloween is a big money-maker for costume and candy companies, so I dug out some stats on spooky spending and here’s what I found.

158 million consumers will participate in Halloween activities, slightly less than the survey high of 170 million people last year. (NRF)

$75.03 is the average dollar amount that Americans will spend on the holiday including decor, costumes, candy and party items. This is down from $79.82 in 2012. (NRF)

$70 is the average dollar amount Canadians will spend on Halloween. (Scottia Bank)

Overall, average spending on Halloween has increased 54.7 percent since 2005, with total spending estimated to reach $6.9 billion in 2013. (NRF)

All Dressed Up with Places to Go

43.6% of Americans will dress up for the holiday spending over $2.6 billion on their costumes.  Still, 18% said they would make their own costumes in order to save money. (NRF)

$29.60 is the cost of the average costume, though costume retailers have (and sell) costumes priced over $100. (Bankrate)

13.8% of Americans will spend $330 million to costume their pets. (NRF)

Nearly one in 10 (9.3%) will scour the visually-appealing Pinterest for costume ideas, up from 7.1 percent last year. Of those buying or making costumes, the average person will spend $27.85 similar to the $28.65 spent last year. (NRF)

Sugar and Spice

$2.08 billion will be spent on candy but not all of it will go to the kids.

$22 will buy you a 5 pound bag of candy and that’s a good deal because the price has decreased. (Bankrate)

alliance data halloween

Incredibly $360 million will be spend on holiday cards. Really? I wish someone would send me a Halloween card.

$5 is the cost for an average pumpkin – which I say is way too high.  But here are some cool carving ideas.

$1.96 billion will be spent on spooky decor items making it second to Christmas when it comes to dollars spent on decking the halls. (NRF)

I hear those slay bells jingling, ring-ting-tingaling, too. . . .

  • GRSew-er

    I saw this at JoAnn Fabrics also. Could it be that the crafter has to be done with Halloween earlier than someone who goes out and buys ready-made? I don’t know about other sew-ers, but if I were making a costume, I would have bought the materials for it before now. I think the inventory gets “stale” earlier than other retailers.