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snoopygram dancePeanuts’ Snoopygram!

Instagram used to be all about the pretty pictures, but Unruly’s new “Instagram Video Guide for Brands” shows that branded video is now a driving force on the network.

First, the big numbers — 150 million active use, 55 million pieces of content are shared every day, generating a 1.2 billion engagements every 24 hours. Crazy, right?

The good news for marketers is that 40% of the 1,000 most shared videos came from brands. That means the Instagram generation is willing to help you spread the word about your product as long as you can catch their eye in a fun or exciting but always native way.

The Peanuts brand grabbed the highest number of social shares with a total of 26,963 shares all time. 26,516  came through Facebook, only 447 went to Twitter.

The short video is a clip from the beloved special A Charlie Brown Christmas but it’s a generic clip that works any time of year. Schroeder is playing a jazz piece and Snoopy loses himself in the music and begins to dance. After a moment, he realizes that Schroeder and Lucy are giving him dirty looks for his embarrassing display. Deflated, he stops dancing and slumps over the piano.

We can all relate to Snoopy in this clip. You’re all excited about something and then your friends kill your buzz. No words. Just music and visuals. The large number of shares aren’t at all surprising.

The Most Shared Brands

The most shared brand on Instagram video is MTV. They had 84 videos in the top 1,000 with a total of 134,110 shares.

Other top brands include the NBA, MiamiHeat, HBO and ABC, Starbucks and GoPro.

Entertainment and Clothing & Apparel were the most popular verticals.

Justin Bieber gets the award for the most shared user-generated videos with a total of 522,029 shares across three videos. At this point, I’d call Bieber a brand, but I get the distinction.
How do you get more shares on your Instagram videos? Unruly has a couple of tips:

Don’t just use Instagram Video to repurpose your YouTube content

One of the main activities on Instagram is liking and sharing content. Give your fans and target audience something they’ll be compelled to share. Simply repurposing YouTube or TV content may not generate much social spread, as what works on one platform doesn’t necessarily work on another.

Exhilaration can make a lasting impression
Eliciting a strong, positive emotional reaction will not only deliver earned views for your video campaign, it can also help consumers remember your brand at the point of purchase. So which emotional response is right for your brand? This will certainly depend on your brand identity and values, but it’s worth bearing in mind that research from the Ehrenberg-Bass Institute finds that exhilaration is most likely to help a viewer recall your brand (65%). Hilarity comes in second – 51% of videos that scored highly for hilarity were subsequently recalled by viewers.

Good advice. Great examples. Now the rest is up to you. Go forth and vid.