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If there is one thing that companies need to be telling their employees is that they should NEVER assume that no one is watching them.

The latest instance of someone being caught on tape shines a ‘not so positive’ light on the United States Postal Service (USPS). As if this quasi-governmental agency isn’t suffering from enough bad publicity, this latest video showing an employee making a very special delivery isn’t going to help its already sullied reputation.

Because employees don’t understand the true reach of video cameras or they simply don’t care (which is the more likely to be correct answer), public relations people and those with the responsibility of protecting the reputation of a company have increasingly high job security these days.

Should companies be offering formal training to help employees be more aware of what their actions can mean to the company? How does a company combat the kind of reputation tarnishing actions like that of the less then motivated USPS employee in the video? According to a cnet article covering the ‘incident

Indeed, a USPS spokeswoman told me: “We are very sorry for the conduct of this letter carrier, who has now been identified. This behavior is obviously not acceptable and is being addressed. I definitely want to add that the majority of our employees are incredibly hard-working individuals who go above and beyond the call of duty daily through all sorts of weather and obstacles to deliver our nation’s mail and packages. We are all saddened by this video.”

Too bad only a very small percentage of people who end up seeing this video will ever even have a clue that this was said by the USPS. Responses to bad actions don’t go viral. They go normal, which is to say that they don’t go far.

Are you going to talk to your employees about their behavior being watched or are you going to leave it to chance? Sounds a little risky doesn’t it?

  • Hompe

    Just like every other government employee to lazy to do their job properly.

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  • Excellent point & post. Many businesses have done a pretty good job defining acceptable social media disclosure about the company, but few have addressed that there are billions of devices now recording rich media.

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