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A recent study by Adobe as reported by eMarketer shows he areas that marketers deem most important.

The usual suspects show up at the top of the list but if you are a PR person or an event person this chart may be very disturbing.

Most Important Marketing Areas Next Three Years

Now look at where marketers have their greatest confidence. It’s in the areas that are the least important! This is something that should disturb marketers and those they serve.

Marketing Areas US Marketers Most Confident

What do you say about findings like this? Marketing will only be as good as the skills that marketers possess and act on with confidence. This apparent disconnect once again points out the difference between the hype that surrounds much of the digital space and the reality of just how good marketers actually are at this stuff.

What are the areas of your marketing prowess that could use a little a help? Are you willing to admit it and thus give yourself your best chance to get better or will you continue to try to cover up your weaknesses despite the fact that most probably already know about the very thing you are trying to hide?

  • Thanks Frank – interesting (and, as you say, disturbing).

    Do you have any idea why search marketing (or a combination of SEO, PPC and SEM) aren’t listed in either of these charts? It seems an odd oversight for such an important channel. Perhaps its subsumed other some other listed category? Or isn’t considered a “marketing area?”