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Sorry, but the US Government is closed until further notice. Sounds weird but it’s true. As of this morning, all non-essential government workers are out of work for who knows how long.

Museums, national parks, The Food and Drug Administration will stop doing routine safety inspections and even some websites will stop functioning.

govern shutdown

Government agencies who have social media accounts will also stop posting and replying.

nasa social mediaHow does this all effect internet marketers? Let’s look at the possibilities:

The biggest issue is the impact on the economy. I’m not big on actual numbers. I prefer to look at the human side. Government workers have no idea when they’ll be paid again or if they’ll be paid for time lost. That means they’re going to stop spending on anything that isn’t essential. If those are your customers, you’re going to see a decrease in sales.

If your business relies on tourism to any of our nation’s fine parks, landmarks or museums, you’re going to take a hit. The barricades are up so there’s no reason to book a trip to Yosemite on a travel site or even buy the camping gear from an online retailer.  Anyone with a mom and pop operation like a local restaurant or bed and breakfast. . . yikes.

On the business side, be aware that the IRS is going to suspend most of their services. They are still collecting taxes but if you have a problem, you won’t be able to get anyone to help you. (Not that it was easy before the shut-down.) Small business loans from the government are also on hold.

Planning to leave the country on business? If you don’t have a passport already, getting one could be a problem.

For many agencies, the work will keep piling up, so if it’s a long closure, workers will be overwhelmed when they get back which means further delays on any government paperwork.

If you had anything riding on Twitter’s IPO, that’s on hold, too.


The good news is that the mail will still arrive daily and police, military and fire personal will still be on the job keeping us safe. For more on what’s closed and what’s not, visit

Here’s hoping that the folks in Washington can get this resolved very soon.


  • Joe Eastern

    It’s obvious the government doesn’t buy it’s web hosting in advance to save money, since they exist month to month, not like the citizens who have longer term goals, and plans, and who make better decisions with their money. Maybe that’s the problem? It’s not the governments money, it belongs to the people since their income is taxes – non taxable income I may add.

    • I chuckled when I saw the “website not available” message. Obviously the server is still plugged in and using electricity (and money). It’s just a marketing ploy to get citizens up in arms over information that can no longer be accessed, content that we are already paid government employees to load on the site.

  • JoelinPDX

    The impact on business of the government “shutdown” will be minimal. Most people don’t know this but the government has “shutdown” 17 times since Jimmy Carter was president. And low and behold, and despite the scare stories being told by Obama, Pelosi and Reid, we’re still here.

    The simple fact is, Democrats want this government “shutdown” because they believe they can make political hay of it. They know they are in deep trouble ahead of next year’s elections and they think that if they blame this “shutdown” on Republicans it will augur well for the in the ballot box. Well good luck but it isn’t going to work.

    The lesson to be learned from the government “shutdown” is the same one we learned from the sequestration. Obama will try to make it as painful as possible on the people and he will fail.

    • cjames

      How did you write this, with your eyes wide shut? Be honest and blame the real culprits, and stop listening to talking points by the party who wrecked our country with two wars. Also, take time to read the “Affordable Health Care act” and see how it actually benefits our country. Say hello to Rush for me!

      • JoelinPDX

        So, you’re buying into Obama’s phony story that this “shutdown” is going to ruin the government. This despite the fact that none of the 17 government “shutdowns” in the previous 40 years has done a darned thing to harm the government.

        And have you read the Avoidable Care Act? All 2700 pages of it and 11,000 pages of regulations associated with it? Come back in a couple of years when you’ve read it since you think that’s so all fired important.

  • Dre

    “The good news is that the mail will still arrive daily and police, military and fire personal will still be on the job keeping us safe.” Yeah, they may be keeping us safe, but some personnel – like military – aren’t getting paid for it.

    • JoelinPDX

      Actually, they will be paid fr it. The Senate wisely decided to follow the House lead on this one and unanimously passed the bill to continue government funding despite the phony government “shutdown.”

  • mensa2

    This only proves once again how “STUPID”, the self-centered, Egotistic Republican Party is!!

    • JoelinPDX

      See that little button that says “Reply” underneath your post? That’s so you can reply to my comment. And you call the Republican Party stupid?

  • mensa2

    JoelinPDX, I DIDNOT want to respond to you personally, I just wanted the forum to know how STUPID your comment was! You are so atypical!!!, and that’s why we know you’re a REPUBLICAN!………….. Please enjoy the “Shutdown”!

  • Manish kumar verma

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  • Scritty

    In real terms the issues of a legislative and executive level shut-down are pretty straight forward to sum up

    The maintenance of value in products and services
    The ability to provide said products and services uninterrupted
    Confidence in the dollar
    The ability to ship and receive physical goods internationally.

    Where this might come unstuck is if some body or other (border control, the postal service, a QUANGO with time on it’s hands in an inter-regnum period) decides to enforce strictly the rules that COULD be used to monitor affiliate and internet marketers more closely becasue – well they always wanted to and now there’s no-one telling them they can’t.
    These are the risks

    As far as internet marketers go, those in the USA that ship out or those out of the USA that ship in, then these three sum up every potential danger of a govt shutdown. If you import or export goods or services a confidence issue that causes big fluctuations in dollar strength could also impact quickly

  • sayakipli

    Planning to leave the country on business? If you don’t have a passport already, getting one could be a problem.