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Screen shot 2013-10-21 at 7.17.23 PMThis post is from our Display Advertising Channel Sponsor Adclarity.

Display advertising is a $17 Billion industry. It is big business. It is competitive business. Using display in your media plan is a wise decision: display is still the most effective way to monetize traffic. In the coming years, display is forecasted to overtake search with the highest spend. Serious players must grab a chunk of this pie.

But you already know that. You have already tried display. It didn’t work.

Want to know why?

At AdClarity, we have been monitoring the display ecosystem. We have statistics on the campaigns that work and the ones that don’t. We have researched, analyzed, and interpreted and discovered that the campaigns that don’t work have several things in common. Do you have any of these encompassing problems?

  1. Your Competitors Do It Better
  2. You’re Not Taking Advantage of New Opportunities
  3. You’re Paying for Deployment Mistakes
  4. You Have Too Many Middlemen
  5. You are Not Adjusting with the Times

Want to know how to fix them?

Your Competitors Do It Better
So you have launched your campaign only to find that your competitor has a better offer, better placement, better targeting, or better creative? Ever feel like they are watching you?

They probably are. In the public domain, there is no way to avoid that. But there is a way to fix it – watch them too! You need to constantly research other players (your competitors, your publishers, your networks/exchanges, other campaigns, creative designs that work, and messaging that converts). Discover their strategies. Explore their offers, creative designs and messaging. Uncover their target personas.

Once you know what they are doing, it is easy to do it better.

Duplicate their success, but do it better. Are they offering 10% off to new customers? Offer 15%. Is there a certain publisher that is working well for them? Launch your campaign on that site (or other similar sites).

The key to beating your competitors is to always be watching them. You can hire a few people whose job it will be to keep up on the competition. Or you can use tools that automate the competitive intelligence process.

You’re Not Taking Advantage of New Opportunities
Have you ever had a campaign that worked well…until it didn’t? In the display advertising war, you cannot simply fire and forget. You need smart missiles that hit the target even when the target moves. You must constantly monitor your campaigns and their returns. You must constantly seek out new opportunities.

What kind of opportunities are you missing?

  1. Approaching publishers that are working for your competitors.
  2. Finding publishers similar to ones that have proven successful for you (and your competitors).
  3. Finding new networks and exchanges to work with.
  4. Testing new geographies to target and closing (or modifying) poorly-performing geos
  5. Creative sizes and ideas

You need to constantly monitor the heartbeat of the industry and your campaigns to take advantage of new opportunities.

You’re Paying for Deployment Mistakes
Ever found out that a network of publisher deployed your banners with the wrong url? Have you seen banners yourself that were in a language you don’t understand? Usually, we discover these kinds of deployment mistakes when it is too late and lots of money had been spent on them. Campaigns cannot have positive ROI if most of the investment is tied up in incorrect deployment that cannot possibly be profitable.

Find a way to check your campaigns’ deployment to every target group, but especially to any groups you notice are underperforming.

You Have Too Many Middlemen
The famous Display LumaScape slide has over 20 boxes of “middlemen” between the marketer and the publisher. Each of these types of vendors involved in your campaign is making money along the way – and decreasing your margin. What do you use?

  • Agencies
  • Ad Servers
  • Retargeting
  • DSPs
  • Exchanges
  • Data Aggregators
  • Networks

Can you eliminate any of these middlemen to increase your share of the pie?

You are Not Adjusting with the Times
Similar to finding new opportunities, you also need to regularly adjust your campaign. If you are selling clothes online, you need to advertise bathing suits before summer and coats before winter. But if your business is not seasonal, that does not mean that you don’t need to shift with the paradigms. If you can respond quickly to news events by altering your campaign to match, you will get higher returns. If you see traffic shifting to different portals, shift your advertising there.

Always be attentive to your customers. Always monitor your competitors. Be ready to make adjustments.

We told you that failed campaigns have certain characteristics, but the truth is that successful campaigns have defining characteristics as well. Not surprisingly, successful campaigns are ones that:

  1. Do It Better Than Competitors
  2. Take Advantage of New Opportunities
  3. Minimize Costly Deployment Mistakes
  4. Have Few Key Middlemen
  5. Adjust with the Times

Fix these five common pitfalls in your display campaigns and start taking advantage of the internet’s oldest and arguably, most profitable media.


About AdClarity
AdClarity is the premier SaaS solution for online advertising automated tracking and analysis. With AdClarity, you can get your display campaigns to work with a few clicks.

The solution enables you to track your own media plan, uncover the strategy of your competitors, monitor trends, act upon business opportunities, and so much more. Unveil the entire ecosystem: your competitors, your publishers, your networks/exchanges, other campaigns, creative designs that work, and messaging that converts – the answers are all in AdClarity.

The program is unique in its approach to gathering data and displaying actionable insights, you know how your own campaigns are deployed, what your competitors are doing, who in the industry works with whom, and what entities are doing.

With AdClarity, you get full transparency on the entire eco-system of online media and advertising.

  • Take all the possible factors why your campaigns are not working dont replace with another method without even proper research .If you want your campaigns to stand-out make it interesting or appealing to the reader .Thanks for sharing;)

  • The only factor that i didn’t see mentioned was the creative portion. I can’t tell you how many times a campaign has fallen behind because of delays in creative from the client or agency.