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business is personalFor women entrepreneurs, business is personal so face-to-face communication trumps all when it comes to reaching out to customers.

The chart comes from a new Cox Business survey aimed at female entrepreneurs. 

As you can see, email was also highly rated. What’s surprising is that social media made a very poor showing. Over half of the women said that social media was ‘unbenificial’ when it came to communicating with customers.

When it comes to the state of business overall, it’s looking good. Three-quarters of women are optimistic or very optimistic about their future – and that’s in spite of concerns about the government shutdown and a possible recession.

But we’re not letting fear stand in our way. I just came back from a live Hangout with Carrie of the Female Entrepreneur Association and boy do I feel empowered!

This is not to say that we’re not faced with challenges.

85% of the women surveyed said there are business challenges that are unique to being a woman. 73% said gender bias was a problem and 55% said there are industries where there aren’t many opportunities for women.

A problem that comes up often is the balance between work and home. 71% said that being an entrepreneur made it even tougher to handle family responsibilities. This is ironic since most women become entrepreneurs so they can be their own boss and control their own lives.

Other issues include a lack of access to funding and mentors. Almost 50% said that lack of knowledge and leadership experience was holding them back.

Given all the ups and downs – would women entrepreneurs do it all over again if they had the chance?

If I knew thenOnly a small percent said they would have taken a different path but that’s not the number that interests me. What surprised me was the 42% who said yes – but only after working for someone else. I suppose that spending a few years working 9-5 for someone else in a job you don’t love is a great incentive to keep going when things get rough.

Are you a female entrepreneur? Would you do it all over again if you had the chance?


  • Great article, and I agree with keeping it personal, however social media does have a role to play, it raises your profile and helps to position your expertise. It’s so good to have more female entrepreneurs, keep up the good work.

  • Diane DiResta

    As long as we are human, face-to-face communication will always trump other forms. It accelerates the trust factor.People pay to attend in person events because they want to meet VIPs, build alliances, and be known. It’s critical, though, to ask people their preferred mode of communication. Some people will respond faster to an email than to a phone call.