Happy Thanksgiving from Marketing Pilgrim

This is one of our favorite holidays here at Marketing Pilgrim for obvious reasons.

We want to wish you all a safe and blessed Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving

Tablets Rule Books and Travel, Smartphones Take the Rest

mobile mix nov 2013I’m unnaturally attached to my iPad. It’s a tough thing to put into writing but it’s true. I came to the realization this past weekend. I went to Los Angeles (a 2-hour drive) to attend the Supernatural convention with a friend. I stayed over one night at the hotel – and when I say night, I mean I got to my room at 10 pm and left before 10 am. So, I had about 3 hours of awake time. I knew this going in but I still brought my iPad. I didn’t want to because I wasn’t comfortable leaving it in the room all day while I was enjoying the con, but I actually felt anxious at the thought of leaving it at home.

Company Gift Giving is Up Which Means New Marketing Opportunities for You

gift basketAccording to The Advertising Specialty Institute’s 4th annual Corporate Gift Spending Survey, companies plan to spend an average of $44.98 per person for employee gifts and $33.92 for client gifts.

That tops last year’s figures of $41.70 and $26.48 and it’s the highest they’ve seen in the past four years.

42.4% of employers are making it easy on themselves by handing out gift cards. 29.2% will do them one better by simply handing their employees cash. But an almost equal amount (27.5%) are handing out food and beverage baskets. For clients, they prefer baskets that have their own company logo on wine bottles and other goodies.

According to ASI’s , nearly two-thirds of responding companies said they will include their company logo either on their gift or on its packaging, proving the continuing popularity of branding.

Infographic: Facebook Advertising Overview

It’s the day before Thanksgiving. We need to eat light to prepare for tomorrow’s Thanksgiving gluttony.

That’s why we are going lite today with this infographic from Wishpond. Enjoy


If You Think Twitter Improved Age Screening for Alcohol Advertisers You Might Be Drunk

OK, I have never known Marketing Pilgrim readers to be bashful so if I am missing something obvious here please tell me.

According to Twitter they have ‘improved’ their system for age verification for alcohol advertisers trying to keep underage folks away from their messaging. The process looks like this.


Ummm…….couldn’t someone simply put in a birthdate that makes them ‘legal’ and the associated alcoholic beverage advertiser would be none the wiser? Is Twitter depending on the honor system? And this was an ‘improvement’ over the old way? What did that ‘old way’ consist of, the question “Are you of legal drinking age?’ (please say no, please!)

Twitter seriously wrote this in their post:

Display Channel Thanks

Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 8.42.00 PMPolitics and history aside, Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday, and not just because of the football! True, we shouldn’t need Hallmark, Butterball, and 30 days of Facebook statuses to remind us that it is time to recognize and express our gratitude – but honestly, we don’t do enough of that.

Next week, many of us will eat too much, shop too much, perhaps even watch too much football . . . but we will also give thanks for the gifts in our life – our families and friends, our health and happiness, our businesses and income . . . which brings me to the reasons to be thankful for the display advertising channel.

More People Will Shop on Black Friday, But Most Retailers Expect Zero Growth

black friday calmI’m a shopper, seller and marketer so Black Friday is a huge day for me. Thanksgiving is the day of rest needed before the start of a four-day marathon that will have me monitoring the internet even more than usual. I’m already feeling it from all sides – the anticipation, the concerns, the contingency plans. Will the orders come in? Will we be able to keep up? Will it be a banner day or no better than business as usual?

Results of a survey from The Small Business Authority shows that most retailers aren’t expecting a major blow-out. 70% say that they expect business to be the same as it was last year on Black Friday. 23% thought they’d see an increase of 4% or more and only 7% thought they’d see a decrease.  In 2012, 25% predicted an increase and 17% thought they’d see a decrease, so we’re a little less pessimistic this year.