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A recent study called “The State of Digital Marketing Talent” shows that while the importance of digital marketing and its various elements is important the trouble is that the confidence in those delivering it is not exactly soaring.

The study done ClickZ and Kelly Services for the Online Marketing Institute (download report here) shows that very fact with this chart.

The Digital Marketing Talent Gap. (Click the image to enlarge).

If you are in the digital marketing space there are two ways to look at this. The first is the ‘glass half empty’ approach.

This looks at this report and wonders what the heck is happening to the digital marketing space. We have come so far to get a place at the table and the people who expect so much from this practice are essentially disappointed. Honestly, I get that. I have seen it first hand recently where a company hired a slew of digital talent and the product is less than enthralling. in fact, at times it’s embarrassing. That’s not the way to make an impression.

Why is it this way? My theory is that the cute and fun aspect of social media has its place but its not in the B2B space which is where most folks are trying to push into this arena. Memes and jokes and other ‘lolz inducing’ indusing techniques fall woefully short of doing what most businesses want, which is to make an impression with their customers and prospects that exhibit expertise. WHen it comes to revenue generation most people’s sense of humor and whimsy gets placed WAY down the list of priorities.

But it’s not all bad news for digital marketing practitioners. On the ‘glass half full’ side of the equation is opportunity. For those who truly understand the potential and the opportunity that digital marketing affords companies of all sizes, there is more opportunity than ever. If you can get past the novelty of social media and its digital marketing cousins to truly grasp how it can move the needle for a company there will always be a job for you.

Thankfully, there are enough companies out there going through their second, third and further iterations of their attempts in the digital space and are seeing that they need to spend time and money on the discipline to get the right results.

Digital marketing has moved passed the novelty stage in the minds of many business stakeholders. Now, if only the industry would as well.

Your thoughts?

  • Kumar
  • Robyn Hazen

    Frank, this is right on. Thanks for posting so I can share it!

  • Steven Herron

    I analyze digital marketing efforts of companies as a major part of my job. I am surprised at the nearly complete lack of acumen beyond the basics (which are now at least 10 years out of date) among people whose job it is to oversee digital marketing. It may be due to how rapidly the environment changes or how people are now required to play multiple roles on limited time and resources. It does take a lot of work and dedication to keep abreast of this truly fascinating science/art.

  • Tony Agresta

    Interesting survey results. The tactics do work when done correctly. Execution and measurement is essential. It’s no wonder the gap is largest for analytics. Often, response attribution is not done correctly. I’d also add that there are proven approaches for the the other aspects of digital and, in some cases, sales cycles are longer than expected, influencing the width of the gap. Overall, the results seem accurate but you have to remember, digital is decades younger than most other marketing approaches plus it can be more difficult to measure than direct mail, call center and event marketing. Keep applying the proven and documented tactics that make digital work. Ensure your execution is solid. The results will follow.

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  • mariasaunders

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