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Screen shot 2013-11-26 at 8.42.00 PMPolitics and history aside, Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday, and not just because of the football! True, we shouldn’t need Hallmark, Butterball, and 30 days of Facebook statuses to remind us that it is time to recognize and express our gratitude – but honestly, we don’t do enough of that.

Next week, many of us will eat too much, shop too much, perhaps even watch too much football . . . but we will also give thanks for the gifts in our life – our families and friends, our health and happiness, our businesses and income . . . which brings me to the reasons to be thankful for the display advertising channel.

Thanks for growing
The phenomenal growth of the display channel is reason for celebration. An 18% growth rate is amazing. Imagine if you got those kinds of returns this year on your savings account! Have your display returns grown by 18% or more this year? Is your business ready for another double-digit growth year?

I think this is a good opportunity to thank our friend (and, in some cases, family member), the display channel!

Thanks for improving
One of the reasons for this growth is that the display channel is improving. New, larger, more interactive ads. Optimized messaging. Well-researched targeting. Real time bidding. Our display channel is never stagnant. Always improving and aiming to be the best.

For that, I am thankful.

Thanks for adapting
Times change. The banner of 30 years ago is no longer relevant. But our friendly display channel is flexible – it adapts to these changes. 1 in 3 display ads this year were on social media. Display has expanded to mobile devices. DSPs have continually evolved and developed.

I am grateful for a channel that adapts with the changing times.

Thanks for being tracked
Mostly, though, I am thankful that the display channel is 100% trackable. By tracking and aggregating our activities (and those of our display competitors), we can be made aware of trends, take advantage of new opportunities, and minimize costly deployment mistakes. We can use the display channel’s trackability to increase our business, improve our returns, and buy an even bigger turkey next year!

Thank you, display channel!

All joking aside, as the holiday season is upon us, I wish you a wonderful holiday and a successful 2014; and I thank you for reading, liking, commenting and sharing my articles throughout the year.