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facebook adWhen it comes to advertising, everyone’s talking mobile, mobile, mobile but a survey from Analytic Partners shows that on Facebook, it’s the desktop that gets the click.

At the highest level, almost half of the people they surveyed said they occasionally pay attention to and/or click on advertisements in their newsfeeds. They’re most likely (60%) to pay attention to advertisements from brands they already follow on Facebook. 27% said they pay attention to sponsored stories and only 13% noticed those random ads that Facebook thinks they’ll enjoy.

Desktop vs Mobile

Facebook is happy to say that their mobile revenue numbers are up but 85% of Facebook users said they are “more inclined to pay attention to and/or click on a newsfeed advertisement served to them on a computer as opposed to a mobile device.”

Only 15% said they’d be interesting in seeing newsfeed ads on the Facebook mobile app.

Now, this could be a question of habit. We’re used to seeing ads when we surf on our desktops and laptops – on mobile, not so much. In a year from now, after mobile ads take hold, these stats could (and should) shift.

On the other hand, the smartphone screen wasn’t made for complex online gymnastics. For example, the Ralphs grocery store chain recently started offering excellent money-saving coupons through Facebook.  In order to access them, I have to navigate to their Facebook page, click to load the coupon app, click the “load coupon” button – which takes me to to log in to my loyalty card. I have to log in there and sometimes go back and retrigger the coupon. That’s a lot of clicking and typing and shifting. On my computer with a full-size keyboard and saved login info, it’s worth it. On a smartphone? Forget it. I’m not sure I’d even attempt it with my iPad.

And if the ad leads to a printable coupon or a non-mobile-friendly online store – it’s just not going to happen on a mobile device.

Which leads us to:

Content: Discounts and Promotions Work

“67% of those surveyed said they were most likely to click on this type of ad.”

(Bzzz) What is “the coupon or discount offer.”

I’ll take Popular Facebook Ad content for $200, Alex.

“41% of Facebook users said they click on this type of advertisement.”

“What is, the contest or giveaway?”


For bonus points: Facebookers also like to click on free app downloads (16%), opportunities to share photos or opinions (17%) and videos (25%). Videos were especially popular with young males.

They DO NOT want those videos to start playing automatically. 83% said that would be intrusive and they’d ignore them.

Taking Action

The actions most commonly identified by Facebook users include:

  • 35% – sharing content from a Facebook page they’ve “liked”
  • 31% – clicking on Facebook page because a friend had “liked it”
  • 17% – buying a product that a friend recommended on Facebook