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Winter WonderlabNexus ring!
Are you listening?
In the store, tablets glistening!
A beautiful sight
We’re buying tech right!
Walking in a Winter Wonderlab!

This holiday season Google has created pop up stores which they are calling Winter Wonderlabs (Now do you get the first few lines of the post? Sing along, it’s fun and oh so clever!). These stores will have shown up in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Sacramento, Washington, DC and Paramus, NJ (yup, Paramus). The idea is to let consumers experience the full suite of Google ‘toys’ for the holiday.

You can even play inside a giant snow globe. Take a look.

Are you going to try one? Have you been to one already> What was it like?

  • Kae

    It was really fun for us here at Pacific Domes to help create the Snowglobes for Google’s Winter Wonderlabs! At the Bryant Park opening, it was very cool to see everyone interacting within the dome and the excitement around the products. It felt great to have our dome as the central focal point.