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Android devices are pretty darn popular.

Look at these results from IDC and you can draw your own conclusions.

Android at 81 Percent of Smartphone Shipments

The key word in all of this though is ‘shipments’. Were 81 million sold? Doubt it.

How do you view this kind of research and the ensuing findings? Are you immune? I see more iPhones usually on a day in and day out basis but I am seeing a lot more Android devices (especially Note 2 phablets). As a result I can never make up my mind regarding just how pervasive Android is at this point in time.

What’s your take?

  • I agree day-to-day I see far more iPhones than Android. Saying that I own a Samsung g3. But I’m a “tech” user I have always perceived Apple as being an extremely design focused company to caters to non-technical people. Which has always kind of put me off from buying apple products. I’d much rather spend $1200 bucks on a computer and build it myself (hex core, 32g ram, 240gb SSD, 27″ monitor) than buy a Mac (dual core, 4gb ram, hdd) for the same price.

    Mac will continue to appeal to those non-tech savvy people, even with the loss of Steve I think the company and every employee now understands more in depth what S.Jobs stood for and will continue to work hard to cater for the nubs.

    I will also add that many techies are going for Apple these days over counter parts. Because stuff just works. I have problems with my g3 (glitchy swipe movements, latency issues with commands, and constant reboots “sim card removed please restart”) and would probably switch to an Iphone4 in a heart beat.

    I can go without all the delicious Google apps if it means stuff works.