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OK, I have never known Marketing Pilgrim readers to be bashful so if I am missing something obvious here please tell me.

According to Twitter they have ‘improved’ their system for age verification for alcohol advertisers trying to keep underage folks away from their messaging. The process looks like this.


Ummm…….couldn’t someone simply put in a birthdate that makes them ‘legal’ and the associated alcoholic beverage advertiser would be none the wiser? Is Twitter depending on the honor system? And this was an ‘improvement’ over the old way? What did that ‘old way’ consist of, the question “Are you of legal drinking age?’ (please say no, please!)

Twitter seriously wrote this in their post:

Our hope is that this approach to age-screening will enable alcohol brands to responsibly and safely connect with the right audience on Twitter.

Help me here. Am I missing something?

  • Robert

    Not sure what the old method was, but I think Twitter’s doing some CYA. If they do nothing, they get flak. If they attempt real age verification, they lose advertisers and users and then the kids find a way around it anyway. Like almost all age verification schemes, their approach is cumbersome and easily circumvented, but they probably feel the inconvenience beats the scrutiny.