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Today is infographic Wednesday at Marketing Pilgrim! Actually it’s not but that might not be a bad idea.

We found this one interesting in that Instagram continues to gain steam and as it does, there will emerge influencers who drive engagement just like all the other social networks.

This infographic comes from Seen who has a platform that enables brands to seamlessly launch, promote, and measure Instagram and Twitter photo campaigns. Do you know these folks?


  • Jonas

    Interesting finding. lets see how instagramm is developing throughout next year. seems to be much room for innovative new services…regards jonas from

  • Hi Frank. I love the idea of brand partnering with inspirational Instagrammers! I loved Paypal’s collaboration with Alice Gao (top influencer as mentioned in this infographic.) This partnership engaged followers by leveraging the popularity of Alice Gao and telling her Manhattan stories with wonderful photos including the #paypalit hashtag.

  • jaime jesus guerrero vidal

    more about influencers! !

  • newspapergrl

    What about fashion? How could they leave that out?

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