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Living Social is barely hanging in there as it is but now they have to endure the reputation damage that their site outage is causing. This may be a blow that the struggling deals site cannot rebound from.

All Things D tells us:

The deals site and its mobile apps have been down since at least 2:45 pm ET on Tuesday. The site originally returned a message saying that it was down for “scheduled maintenance,” but the company later removed the word “scheduled” from the message.

Sources told AllThingsD yesterday that the company’s platform for merchants to log in and manage their deals was also down. It’s not clear if the same is still true today.

Living Social Down

The outage started at about 2:45 ET on Tuesday and as of this writing it was still down. Living Social is fully aware of just how this looks. From their blog we get.

Suffice to say, we are ashamed and embarrassed.

Our teams continue to work to address the internal issues with our website and mobile app – we anticipate that our systems will be live overnight here in DC.

We know you are frustrated. So are we.

We will do better and we will be back. We are committed to making this right with you, our customers and our merchants.

If you have a question that has not been answered, please contact your merchant representative at 877-556-4078 or our customer service department at 877-521-4191. We are here now. We are sorry. We will make it up to you.

Living Social is the forgotten entity in the dwindling daily deals frenzy. Groupon is still hanging in there but the luster of the company and the space has definitely dulled. If Groupon has faded significantly that means Living Social (despite its Amazon investment) is off the radar.

Having the site go down for such a along period is not helping the impression that they are not really in existence anymore is it?

NOTE: At the time of this post being published (about 6:30 AM ET on Thursday November 14, 2013) the site was still down.