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Brrr. . .it’s cold out there. Perfect weather for a rich cup of hot chocolate. But if I’m going to spend $4.00 on something I can make at home, I want to know that I’m going to get the very best cup of hot chocolate in the whole US of A.

To the Pinterest Place Pin Map!

place pins

According to Pinterest’s latest pin spin, there are 15 excellent places to buy hot chocolate in the US. The list was compiled by travel guru Fodors but it doesn’t stop there. If you follow the board, then send a Tweet to @FodorsTravel or an email to with a link to your Pinterest profile, they’ll make you a board collaborator. And you know what that means. That means a marketing opportunity and the integrity of the list goes right out the window.

My my, I’m feeling cynical today.

Actually, Pinterest Places is cool way to play armchair traveler and discover new places close to home. I can’t see myself consulting Pinterest for restaurant suggestions while I’m in Chicago on business but I can imagine browsing the boards for vacation or day trip inspiration.

Every Pinterest Place Board comes with an interactive map that can be expanded to show an overview of the world or you can shrink it down to show only a city block. The pins are numbered to match the scrolling list of pins which appear as an overlay on the left. I wish you could scroll over the pins to see the name of the place but you have to click to get the details.

When the you click, the pin scroller automatically shoots to the matching pin which is highlighted with a red box. That box has the pin description, the contact information remains on the map. Click the pin and you get the expanded view. Click the map pin and you go straight to the business website. Between the two options, there’s room for quite a bit of information but really, it’s all about the image. Without a great image, nobody’s buying.

Want to go exploring? Here are a few of the new Place Pin Boards:

You have to check out that Pork and Whiskey Tour.

If you want to learn more about Place Pins and how to use them to promote your business, visit the Pinterest Business Blog.


New Pin It Buttons

new pin it

Pinterest also added new options to their Pin It button maker. You can choose from two sizes, three colors (red, white or grey) and you can create one in either English or Japanese.  japanese pin