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While it’s relatively easy to feel the tide moving in the direction of a multiscreen environment for those who are faced with the challenge every day, the vast majority of business people will need to be educated about just how important multiscreen will be in the very near future.

A recent study conducted by Nielsen and the Association of National Advertisers and presented at eMarketer makes it very clear that the multiscreen world is upon us and changing the face of advertising rapidly.

Just look at these numbers regarding allocated spending to multiscreen campaigns when asking marketers and advertisers about where this is going in just three short years.

Total Media Spend Integrated Multiscreen

Now when asked about which devices will be important the trend is obviously moving toward the mobile world. Surprisingly though, the computer itself doesn’t take quite the swan dive in rankings that one might think.

Device Importance for Advertising

So what do we conclude as marketers? Get your mobile on and be prepared to make your marketing accessible across the vast array of ways a consumer will be ‘finding’ you.

Look, if you don’t get it by now then you might not ever get it (at least not in time to save yourself from being crushed by more ‘in tune’ competitors). If you are a marketer and you are still having these “We really need to address mobile!” conversations with other stakeholders in the company then you should probably sharpen your pencil and brighten up the resume a bit.

Your thoughts?