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It’s that time of year when hundreds of holiday shopping surveys and infographics are released into the wild, wild, web. It’s quite a sight – so many numbers and percents in a wide variety of colors and sizes. We can’t spend time with all of them, but in the coming weeks, we’ll take a closer look at a few of them in the hope that you’ll find an inspirational nugget to inspire you during this competitive season.

Today, we have the Burst Media “Spending Season 2013” infographic. This one is simple and clean. Nothing special graphics wise but there’s a particular segment that caught our eye:

burst media mobile shoppers 2013

Look at this mobile breakdown by gender and parentage. Dads come out on top in every section but they really tower over the rest in smartphone and tablet usage. Men without children will do most of their shopping on a laptop along with the non-moms. Moms bounce between the desktop and the smartphone but are slow to embrace the tablet.

Men who use their smartphone or tablet aren’t all the keen on shopping apps. They prefer to roam on their own while 54.6% of women like to use an app as a guide.

When it comes to spending, 22% of men and 15% of women said they’d be spending more this year and 40% are just getting started, so there’s still plenty of time to reach them.

The most interesting block in this whole infographic answers the question why. Take a look:

burst media why online

Both men and women say they like the relaxed feeling of shopping online but after that, they’re opinions widely differ. Men shop online because it’s convenient and efficient. Women chose the fact that internet stores are always open. That’s because mom can’t shop until the kids are in bed which often means midnight runs through Amazon.

Only 7% of men and women said that shopping online was “budget friendly.” That’s good for marketers because it means money isn’t their first concern. When you’re talking parents, all they want is a stress-free way of getting the right gift for everyone on their list. If you can make that happen, you’ll have a customer for life.

Now’s the time to pour on the customer service. Suggest suitable add-ons. Make sure they get batteries with the toy. Gift wrap and send to multiple addresses for a reasonable fee and for heaven’s sake, make sure your website and mobile site work properly the first time. The customer might forgive your failure on August 15 but if it happens on December 15 you’ve made an enemy for life.