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game playing this seasonYou know what they say, all shopping and no play makes Jack a prime target for marketers. But this holiday season, Tapjoy says marketers should combine both shopping and play for an even bigger payday.

First, let’s be clear about who came up with these numbers. Tapjoy’s business is mobile, in-game advertising, so keep that in mind as you view their results. (Not saying they’re not legit results. . . just want to be clear.)

They  conducted a survey on their platform to find out more about mobile holiday shopping habits. It’s interesting to note that 62% of the respondents were male.

Even though men are traditionally known as last minute shoppers, almost three quarters of the respondents said they’d begin shopping before December 1. With Hanukkah coming in November this year, we should see an earlier than usual spike in holiday shopping.

The majority of shoppers planned to spend less than $100 using their mobile phone and 43% said they usually only buy 1-3 items per mobile ecommerce transaction.

smartphone usage tapjoyMore people will be using their mobile devices simply to research and read product reviews. 29% plan to purchase an item – a good number but we need to push that higher.

More than half of those surveyed said they plan to use their mobile device to play games for at least 5 hours a week during the holiday season. That might seem excessive, but remember that they surveyed people on a game platform so. . . .

Still, there’s real value in the concept of marketing to these players. Game players are focused on the screen. Pop up an ad for a cool holiday gift item and there’s a good chance they’ll click through and cross one name off their list.

I believe, the biggest thing stopping people from spending more online is checkout. I’ve shopped a few places that make it as easy as clicking to pay with Paypal. But if I have to stop and fill out multiple pages of forms before I can buy, I’m going to abandon that shopping cart and I’m probably not coming back.

The takeaway here is that people want to shop on their mobile devices. It’s comfortable, it’s convenient, but it’s not always easy. We’ve got to fix that before another holiday season comes and goes.