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If you are a marketer of any kind you may not want to read on. Why? Well, some research that was done by x+1 and Research Now reveals that what goes on in the marketing echo chamber may be further from reality than you imagined.

The research as reported by eMarketer shows that what marketers feel is important to consumers often isn’t even close to what the consumers themselves want. If you are ready, look for yourself.

Marketers v Consumers

Is it possible that that marketers are really that disconnected from the consumer? Based on the amount of hype and sheer junk that often passes for analysis and advice in the Internet marketing space alone the answer is yes. For years the Internet marketing industry has run miles ahead of reality and it continues to do so today.

Has it worked? If the goal has been to get people frustrated and to give the industry the reputation that falls just north of lawyers and used car salesmen then yes, it has been a resounding success. Too bad that’s the result of all these years of trying to build an industry. When an environment exists that allows for this kind of ‘research’ it may be time to take a look around and start maybe talking in terms of reality.

What does that look like? That will need to be determined by the industry as a whole. What should it look like? In a nutshell, it should be nothing short of a complete alignment with the needs and desires of consumers not just the hype of an industry that moves on to the next greatest thing without ever mastering the basics.

So let’s hear it? Do you agree? Disagree?

  • Jay

    Yes, I agree that marketers are woefully out of touch. Far too in love with their own inventions and buzzwords to actually care about what sells. Can’t drive sales? Just make up a new metric, like engagement or brand lift.