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mobile mix nov 2013I’m unnaturally attached to my iPad. It’s a tough thing to put into writing but it’s true. I came to the realization this past weekend. I went to Los Angeles (a 2-hour drive) to attend the Supernatural convention with a friend. I stayed over one night at the hotel – and when I say night, I mean I got to my room at 10 pm and left before 10 am. So, I had about 3 hours of awake time. I knew this going in but I still brought my iPad. I didn’t want to because I wasn’t comfortable leaving it in the room all day while I was enjoying the con, but I actually felt anxious at the thought of leaving it at home.

What if I needed it to get to sleep. (I have all kinds of tranquil apps for that.) What if I needed to check my email? What if I was bored for those three hours! What would I do without my iPad! What I didn’t think about was the lack of WiFi in the hotel ($12 for 24 hours which I wasn’t about to pay.) No Netflix. No YouTube. No email. No web surfing. I ended up playing two rounds of Bejeweled during the Restaurant Impossible commercial breaks.

It’s a sickness, really. But I take comfort knowing that I’m not alone in this. The hotel lobby was filled with people whose faces I never saw because they were tipped down over a laptop, iPad or smartphone. I watched a group of three women have a full conversation with each other without ever taking their eyes off their individual screens.

Which leads me very nicely into the latest Millennial Media Mobile Mix Report for Q3 2013. Here’s my favorite part:

mobile mix Q3 2013 platforms

This chart shows the Click Through Rate for mobile ads that appear on different types of apps. The orange lines represent smartphone clickthroughs, the blue line comes from tablet clickthroughs.

Tablets are the favorite in only two categories; Books and Reference and Travel and Local. Books I get because it’s easier to read on a tablet than a smartphone. Travel and Local boggles my mind because more people carry around a smartphone while they’re on the go then a tablet. Then again, if they’re anything like me, they went to the hotel with their tablet in hand, too.

Smartphone clicks far outpaced tablet clicks on Productivity apps, Sports apps and Shopping and Retail. It’s interesting to note that when you look at time spent shopping on a desktop vs mobile, the split is almost 50-50.

The Music and Entertainment category is nearly 50-50 on clickthroughs. I’d guess that smartphone clicks lean heavily on the music side while tablets grab most of the video share.

One last interesting tidbit, Sports apps made it to the top ten applications by impressions chart. It was absent last year. Which sport is leading the charge? Soccer, with over 59% of the sports app impressions.

Confession time. How do you feel about leaving your mobile devices off or at home?