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This post comes from our Display Channel sponsor Adclarity.

If there is anything we have learned in the past 20 years, it is that the world is being made smaller by the current technology, the internet, the cloud…

Information that our parents found by spending hours sifting through volumes of The World Book at the local library is available instantly on our iPhones while we sip our lattes. Nowhere is this more evident than in online advertising. No matter where you are physically located, you can recruit customers from, quite literally, anywhere in the world. It is quick and easy to offer our same campaigns to people in Russia, New York and Paris . . . but is that the best way?

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 2.27.43 PMWe use advertising intelligence to see what is working for others. And, as is evidenced over and over again by advertisers great and small – targeting locally creates better results.

For example, Ford Fiesta offers differ in different countries.

Why is this important? Because studies show (and we all know from personal experience) that people like to feel important. These ads speak to their target in their own language, in their own currency, with the features and USPs that matter to them. And that increases conversions.

You could test this concept yourself. But frankly, you don’t have to. Companies that are much larger, with much bigger budgets have already run these tests. Duplicate their success. Ford, Toyota, and Mazda geotarget their campaigns – you can bet they have done their research and found that this is an effective model to improve ROI.

And car companies aren’t the only ones. Any advertiser who is serious about ROI is targeting campaigns based on location. Retail sites do it. Gaming and gambling sites do it. Do you geotarget your campaigns and content?

Screen shot 2013-11-14 at 2.27.57 PMIf you do, are you sure you are hitting all of the markets that are right for you? Do you know in which markets your competitors are running?

If you are not yet geotargeting, test it out. Geotargeting advertising is a major key to online display advertising success.

And by geotargeting your campaigns, you are making the world your own backyard. Speak to your customers in their language.

Relate to them on their level. Address their concerns. You will find the localizing your campaigns globalizes your results.

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