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Twitter updated their app yesterday with a few small refinements that say a whole lot.

First, they’ve made improvements to the search feature which will help users find exactly what they’re looking for – if they know what they’re looking for. When you type a keyword into the search box you get too sets of results: Top Tweets or All Tweets. If you’re looking for the best of the best, stick with the Top Tweets and forgo the random ramblings of the crowd.

From there you can tap the search box to reveal the new refinement menu. Now you can choose to see only those Tweets with photos, video, news stories or find the people associated with the keyword.

Twitter also updated their all-important trending page. Sometimes this page is all you need when you’re looking for information on a specific event, but mostly it’s just a fun way to occupy your mind while you’re in waiting mode.

IMG_0263In addition to the list of trending tags, the Discovery tab also has top related Tweets. Click the slider next to the word Trending and you’ll find another new treat – the Trending TV page.

This is a selection of Tweets from the most talked about shows on Twitter at any given time.  When I checked it just now X-Factor was on top, followed by Law and Order SVU and one of my favorites, Arrow.

Each show section begins with a large title card which includes the title of the upcoming episode, the time and network. Makes a handy little TV Guide, doesn’t it?

Twitter barely mentions this new feature in their App Update blog post, which is odd considering how much they’ve aligned themselves with TV. They didn’t even include a photo of the update. I also can’t find this feature on the iPad, only on the iPhone.

Twitter says they’re also adding local trending Tweets to the Discover tab but I didn’t see any of those either.

I used to be a huge fan of Twitter but I stopped reading my feed months ago because there was simply too much information to process. Now, I feel like I’m missing out, so I tidied up my Follow list and I’m ready to give it another go.

How about you? Are you still or were you ever a fan of Twitter?