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instagram home screen

Social media marketing feels like a crap shoot sometimes. . . . (a lot of the time. . . all of the time. . ). You post short bursts of text, vids, pics and shares and hope for the best. But there’s always that hope that some day you’ll find the magic formula that makes viewers gleefully share, like and comment on everything you say.

Let’s be real – it’s always going to be a gamble, but there are things you can do to up the odds a little. Today, I have an infographic from Curlate that’s going to help you do a little better on Instagram. Don’t feel bad if you need it because they say 65% of Instagram images generate less than 10 likes.

Curalate analyzed over eight million Instagram images and examined 30 different image features — including textures, colors and saturation — to learn how they impact consumer behavior.

They found three elements that positively impact an image’s performance:

A large amount of background space

background infogram
Blue as the dominant color

Color instagram
High levels of texture

texture instagram

Other Key Findings:

The more a single hue dominates an image, the more likes it receives. Images with single hue dominance above 40 percent receive the most likes. Currently, most images on Instagram don’t have single hue dominance, as 90 percent of images analyzed only have between 0-20 percent single hue dominance.

Images with 0-15 percent saturation (or little color) generate 18 percent more likes than images with more vibrant color (20-40 percent saturation).

Images with a large amount of background space (above 90 percent) are very successful. Despite this, 70 percent of current Instagram images only have 0-20 percent background space, leaving significant room for improvement.

Dark images minimize sharing and likes. Images with 65-80 percent lightness generate 24 percent more likes than dark images with 0-45 percent lightness.

Not using Instagram? I understand, but if you’re marketing to anyone under 29, it’s where you need to be.

To see the entire Curalate Infographic click here.