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groupsYouTube just rolled out a new analytic tool that allows you to aggregate data on a specific group of videos. For example, if you have both cooking videos and home decor videos on your YouTube channel, you can put them into separate analytic groups to get a clearer picture of how different types of content are performing.

To create a group, just go to your analytics page and click the Group button. From here you can choose to see an overview of the groups you’ve created or start a new one. Name it. Choose the videos that belong in that group and save. To view the stats on a group, use that same button and then select the group from the list.

From there, you can slice and dice the data as usual just for the specific list of videos.

YouTube says, if you have a Multi-Channel-Network, you can also create channel groups from the channels you manage.

By looking at groups of video, you can get a better picture of not only how many people are viewing different types of content, but also see trends in demographics and audience retention.

The more videos you have, the more Group Analytics can help. Group videos by keyword, by length, group holiday views or videos or videos featuring a particular person or product. Go do some slicing and dicing today – more data is always a good thing.

Warning Warning!

After doing something nice for YouTube channel owners, YouTube followed with a stern warning about buying views. The short version: if you’re thinking about doing it, don’t.

We know you work hard on your videos, and perhaps they don’t always get as many views as you’d hoped for. But if you’re considering paying someone to increase your view count, you may want to think again. You probably won’t get what you paid for.

Views generated by some third-party businesses and services will not be counted on YouTube, and can lead to disciplinary action against your account, including removing your video or suspending your account.

YouTube then suggests, if you want to pay for more views, you should buy a TruView ad.

What surprised me most about this post is the fact that they wrote it! Obviously, they don’t want you to game the system and they have every right to terminate your account if you’re not playing fair, but it’s unusual to see such a blatant warning on a public, company blog. Don’t you think?

For those of you who always play by the rules, more power and more views to you! Now go try the new Group Analytic system, it’s fun.