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Yesterday, I reported that the new Google+ linked comment system went live on YouTube. I thought it was a harmless feature that most people would ignore. YouTube also said they were going to make changes to the moderation system that would make it easier for content producers to keep their pages free of spam and trolls. They added word filters and channel bans – nice.

Then I logged on and found this:

comments notificationWait. What?

So comments coming IN to my YouTube account won’t show up in my YouTube INBOX? This was never a perfect system, half the comments never hit the inbox in the first place but now “most” are going somewhere else. And why “most,” instead of all?

Have I got this right? To moderate comments I need to log in to Google+ to see the comment notifications then click through to YouTube to approve or decline? For each comment? Where’s the logic?

Since my personal YouTube and Google+ are already linked, I didn’t realize the full ramifications until I logged into another YouTube channel I moderate – linking is no longer an option – it’s required.

And now I see people saying that a Google+ login is required just to leave a comment on a video.

Again I say, what is Google thinking?

Perhaps this?

I wouldn’t be surprised.

I’m also fond of this comment:

A large number of Tweeters see the move as a form of extortion – use Google+ or you’ll never see your YouTube comments again! It’s bad enough when you’re one person with one YouTube account, but for people and businesses with multiple accounts and multiple moderators,  it’s a nightmare

I’m hoping that a week from now, it will all be over. YouTube will realize allowing people who don’t actually use the site to make decisions was a bad idea and they’ll defer to the die-hard YouTubers who have been keeping the site alive with their content and comments.

To quote my favorite song from Lil’ Abner, please put ’em back the way they was!



  • I Agree, I did not want google+ account at all. But now I have to have 2 because i have 2 accounts on youtube. they should solve multichannel problem on youtube at first or at least account merge option.

    But no, that all is not there. I imagine people with 10 Youtube account. They have to have 10 google+ profiles.

    I feel like I have been fuked.

    Now I look toward Vimeo. It hase albums, Channels, playlists, … and all other well made stuff.

  • Hank Oswald

    this is sick

  • Brandon Chilian

    So how do I look at my comments or peoples replies to me on my google+ account? I’m so confused.

  • Annoyed Pickle

    Even worse, there’s no more showing what a comment was replying to. You have to actually search for it!

  • Zebedee

    Yes, google has decided to force people using YOUTUBE to make a google+… However, there are people like me who HATE facebook and any kind of social networking, so SORRY GOOGLE, you still cannot force me to create a GOOGLE+ or any kind of social networking website… and when I ironically google the reason behind this trend, the only thing appearing is that “Google+ sells personal information, but to be able to sell, they need the full name of a person”. It’s like “lol what?!?” Did one of our favourite video sites got sucked up by the corporate giant, only interested in profits? (thinking that once people were dreaming to work in such a good company as google…). I also started looking at alternatives, I don’t care about the comments, but I don’t know how much more I’ll have to “fight” with google for not making any stupid google+…

  • Maya

    I don’t like it..
    I don’t want to sign to Google+ but I would like to comment on youtube..
    This is suck..

  • Maryp1

    Its a disaster!! It makes you want to never come back to Youtube after being with them for years and having a private account matters to users and an citizen in a country full of hackers!! No one shouldnt have to link their email account page just to stay with a video website that became popular with its original format?? Right after Google bought Youtube it became known as GoogleTube now, sadly. I wouldnt be surprised if they change the name. Its a lot like Myspace on how that was sold. I was a member since 2004 and after the big change by the owner, many “customers” left and I never go back there anymore but just to peek in time to time. There were games like GardenSpot that I loved and it was shut down after Myspace was merged with a more popular game service. With all this merging is just trying to make more $$$ for them, thats all. We dont matter anymore and our privacy should online? The internet is full of changes now with merging with Facebook and Google. They say our privacy is “important, yeah right? Its just greed.

  • Chris Paterson

    Leave google+ (if you can) and join Ravetree instead. My friend started this site and I’m more than 100% impressed with it and the privacy it offers.

  • NoMoBamaNation

    I have been a YouTube user for 15 years. I am a high level computer
    engineer at IBM. Try as I did, i was unable to post a comment on a
    YouTube video for the last few days. I have linked and unlinked my
    YouTube and Google+ channel. Depending on whether or not my accounts are
    linked, when I click on the comment box I get either a blank browser
    window popup or a browser popup window with a unique 404 error in it. I
    have spent 2-3 hours trying to get it to work. YouTube will not reply
    to my messages. I have given up, which is truly a first for me in my 32
    years as a computer engineer. I can’t imagine what Google is thinking
    or how they expect the average user to figure this out.

    • Random user

      How have you been a YouTube user for 15 years when it’s only been available for 8 years??

      • Liana

        Lol that’s true xD

      • random_user_47

        File that post under “speculative fiction”. lulz

  • Jay Ruth

    Google is trying to ramp up the user numbers of Google+ by linking youtube to it so it seems like a more viable option to Facebok and Twiter. I would have thought that they would try to make managing comments for youtube accounts easier, not more difficult. I don’t post videos so don’t have to manage anything but this seems like a bad idea. Youtube is a has been very successful largely due to the ease of use of the site by the users. Now it seems like they are bighting the hands of their support base.

  • Jay

    Classic case of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”

  • Liana

    Anyone, and I mean anyone, who is absolutely aggravated by this: Sign this petition. Because honestly, I really want to be able to comment correctly on YouTube, without having to deal with freaking Google.

  • troyrutter

    I run a large partner youtube channel for my day job – and approving comments is now a major chore. Maybe this is a way to discourage comment moderation? It certainly is not as easy as the one place for comments as before… very disappointing.

  • AnnJoyViewster

    Yes, put them back the way it was, stop outraging the users with things that don’t work and lame stories. But I think they don’t care for any of our opinions or “petitions”.

  • Chunji

    YouTube will not be renamed to GoogleTube. It will be called $$$££££.

  • Leave Comments

    I hate them so much. I too run a business where I am logging into various client accounts all day and this is the worst nightmare ever!! Google is big time EVIL. I hate them.

  • Darryl Edington

    Huge corporations begin to do dumber and dumber things until no one likes them any more. Google apparently is no exception. The Play store is a freaking mess too.