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I hear it over and over from entrepreneurs and authors – I’m not fond of Facebook but I have to be there. A year ago, I would have agreed wholeheartedly, but now . . . not so much. Facebook is a tough place for anyone trying to build an audience from scratch. If you’re a top retailer, it’s a different story.

Campalyst gathered data on the top 250 retailers in social media and found that 98% had Facebook Pages and 78% had more than 1 million fans. Average fan count across all of the top retailers is 1.79 million. Four out of the top five retailers didn’t surprise me – one did.

campalyst Facebook

Adidas? Really? What’s even more interesting is that while Walmart, Target and Amazon rule on Facebook, they don’t even make the top 5 on the other social media sites.

Victoria’s Secret is a true juggernaut, landing in the top 5 on Twitter (3M), YouTube (350K) and Instagram!

Speaking of which – over 50% of retailers are on Instagram and 3 of them have already managed to acquire over 1 million followers.

campalyst Instagram

Joining the lovely ladies on Instagram is the jewel of the jewelry biz, Tiffany & Co. Urban Outfitters is a natural fit for the young users who flock to Instagram. It’s also one of the few places to get the young male audience, thus Nike and NFL.

While the footballers are hanging out on Instagram, the baseball fans are over on Google+. This top five is the oddest mix of all.

campalyst Google+ No insult intended to the company but how did they manage to become the Google+ leader. Or more importantly, why? This is also the only place you’ll find GameStop and Williams Sonoma in the top five.

Sephora shows up in the top five on Pinterest along with leader  L.L. Bean (over 5 million followers), Nordstrom (4.4M), Lowe’s (3.5M),  and lululemon(1.9M).

The top five on YouTube are Apple (1.7M subscribers), Discover Channel (almost 1M subscribers), Nike (800K),Victoria’s Secret (350K) and Newegg (280K).

What can we learn from this? Mostly that the rest of us have a long way to go before we knock any of these brands out of the top slot.




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