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I love my iPad but would I ever get rid of my PC? Not me. But I’m not really the best test case since I work online for a living. Let’s ask Mr. and Mrs. Average Public.

“Would you consider purchasing a tablet as a replacement for your personal laptop or desktop computer?”

adroit table survey 1Looks like the table(t)s are turning!

The cute pic and the information comes from Adroit Digital’s latest report which is appropriately titled “2014: Are Tablets Taking Over?”

Not only are people turning to their tablets on a more frequent basis, 43% say they have two or more tablets at home. 17% have more than 3. A year ago, I would have been surprised by that number but now that my son realized he could watch Game of Thrones on my iPad I’ve begun to think about becoming a two tablet home.

Let’s talk about leaving home – 94% of respondents said they’ve taken their tablet out of the house but only a small percentage do it on a regular basis. This is likely due to the size and weight of most tablets. Now that we have iPad Air and a variety of 7 inch tablets, that percentage is going to rise.

adroit table survey 2What does all of this have to do with marketing? Plenty. 56% of respondents said they were more likely to respond to an ad on a tablet than an ad on the PC.

Men and adults 25-34 were voted most likely to respond to a tablet ad but it’s women who spend the most tablet time – 2 hours or more every day.

Even better, Adroit’s study shows that tablet ads are great for impulse buys. Almost half of the respondents said they’d be more likely to make an unplanned purchase while using their tablets. This was particularly true of men.

Part of the reason for the easy sway has to be that people turn to their tablets for information and entertainment. They’re bored, so they watch a movie or download an ebook or a game.

50% said they use their tablet to look up information and 49% said they use it specifically to do product research. Easy to see how both of those could lead to shopping.

The important takeaway here is that a tablet isn’t just a mini-laptop. A flat banner ad isn’t going to cut it on a tablet. You need to think in terms of interactivity, of sound and movement. Whatever you can do (and afford) that gets a customer closer to experiencing your product, the better chance you’ll have of clinching the sale.

Remember, tablets are laid back mode. They’re relaxed and easy and exploratory so take your customers on a journey that ends at the checkout counter.