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Though many people go out of their way to avoid commercials, there are a handful that create the opposite reaction. These commercials are so funny, so offensive, or so touching that people actually use a search engine to find them online. What’s the secret to their success? Maybe you can figure it out after you peruse Bing’s Most Searched Advertising Campaigns and Brands 2013.

We start with the top advertising campaigns.

First place goes to Old Spice. This old-school shaving lotion has managed to reinvent itself with a wacky series of commercials that consistently go viral. This year they did it with a buff baby and a watermelon. Baby currently has 10,231,767 views. Here’s a look at the watermelon ad.

The number two slot is another baby oriented commercial. This one from Evian features a group of adults who see baby versions of themselves in reflections on the street. It’s a spin off of the 2009 Roller Babies commercial which is one of the most watched ads of all time on YouTube. Currently, it sits at 72,259,489 views.

The takeaway here is that babies sell and not just baby items to parents. Apparently babies are capable of selling expensive bottled water and aftershave, too.

Skype takes third place with their family-oriented Stay Together ad campaign. The internet communications company asked users to submit their personal story about how Skype helps keep their family and friends together. The result was a series of heartwarming, real-life story ads that people could relate to.

Takeaway number two: real people make compelling commercials.

Cute works. Heartwarming works. But annoying works, too. That was the case with Geico’s ingenious “Hump Day” ad which features a gregarious camel in an office who is way to excited about the day of the week. On one hand, it’s totally nonsensical. On the other hand, we all have an office mate who is as annoying as that camel. . . so in a weird way, we relate.

Also, it’s Geico. When have they ever missed on a commercial? They have the best, most consistent ad agency in town.

The fourth place ad received thousands of hits for both good reasons and bad reasons.  Many people were tickled by Kmart’s saucy “Show Your Joe.” Just as many people were outraged by this groin grinding tribute to the holiday season. It reminds me of that wonderful Saturday Night Live Christmas music video. . .

Watch and decide: clever or appalling?

Want to see what else made the list? Visit Bing with this click.

Top Brands

Bing also put together a colorful chart showing the most searched brand names in a variety of categories:


Wow, those are some powerful brands. About the only surprise on this chart is Etsy under Clothing & Shoes. Can’t wrap my brain around that one at all.

What was your favorite commercial of 2013?