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We continue our list of the Best of 2013 lists with Pinterest. The all images, all the time social site built out a board called “Top Pins of 2013.” They don’t explain the reason behind the choices other than to say that these were the “pinner favorites.”

From a marketing standpoint, it’s good to know what’s catching the public eye, so let’s dive into the results.

Top Pins 2013

Food always does well on Pinterest, the crazier the better. Top pins included Taco cupcakes, churro waffles, and beer-candied bacon. Food images also turned up on party and travel boards. Remember, you don’t have to sell food products to post food pictures for example, if you sell DVDs, you can build a board with images of movie snacks.

Fashion is another attention getter on Pinterest. Here, it’s all about what’s trendy and occasionally what’s kooky.

Tulle, boho, tartan, and collars in Women’s Fashion

Bowties, colored pants, and hipster haircuts in Men’s Fashion

Undoubtedly, it was the Doctor Who crowd who kept the bowtie boards in business. Unlike food, fashion isn’t as easy to push if it’s not your business. The exception would be brands that relate to a specific activity for example a bicycle company could post a board of biking attire, a travel company could post fashions from vacation destinations.

Home Decor is a huge category on Pinterest and the popular photos are usually aspirational or imaginative. People love photos of unusual spaces like this bookcase tucked into a narrow stairwell. And this year grey on grey was a big theme.

centerpieces from buzzfeed.DIY rules on Pinterest. You can learn how to make your own laundry detergent, reorganize your kitchen with cute labels or build a sliding sandpit for your kids. This category is big on collage photos that deliver a lot of information in one frame. These are time consuming to make but they help you cast a wider net.

You’ll also find long images that show you how to create an item step-by-step. Not one of my favorite concepts but you’ll see a lot of them on Pinterest, so they must be working.

Lest you think that Pinterest is all flowers and fashion, here are a few manly pins from 2013:

The real Django, Tuskegee Air Women, and a Japanese female warrior in History

Refurbed bikes, souped-up trucks, and The Chevy Stingray in Cars & Motorcycles

Treadmill plans, medicine balls and yoga poses to detox in Health & Fitness

3D printers, wearables and motion sensors in Technology

Are you using Pinterest for your business? (If not, why not?) How’s it going for you? Any tips you’d like to share?