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Facebook advertising is one of those things that people either swear by or swear at. If you’re in the first group, get ready with an “I told you so.” If you’re in the second group, get ready for a surprise.

A report from social advertising platform Kenshoo shows a huge spike in Facebook ad performance over the Black Friday weekend.

kenshoo facebookCheck out those mountains! 13x to 15x more revenue from Facebook ads on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Wow. i shall never speak harshly about Facebook ads again (in 2013.)

Looking at the entire weekend, Cyber Monday delivered 29% of the revenue from Kenshoo’s social media ads.

cyber monday kenshoo

So pretty. And scary. Kenshoo says that marketers poured 75% of their monthly ad spend into that single weekend. Luckily it paid off. The lesson here is that you shouldn’t be afraid to put a lot of your online marketing eggs into one social media basket. This is particularly true if you make a large portion of your revenue during specific times of the year. It doesn’t have to be Christmas. If you sell jewelry or candy then hit those Facebook ads hard in early February.

It’s not just the date that matters. Kenshoo says their most successful clients took advantage of Facebook’s ability to personalize and target advertising so they weren’t wasting money on customers who aren’t likely to convert. As a result, the return on ad investment was stellar.

kenshoo return on investment
How goes it for you? Have you been using Facebook ads to up your holiday revenue? Are you one of those marketers who swears by or swears at Facebook? We’d like to hear your story.


  • Michael Bian

    Internet marketing is important because it aligns with the way consumers make purchasing decisions.

  • Kelly Watt

    Facebook is doing a much better job now of showing ROI, especially with remarketing efforts