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Non-profits need people to donate money in order to keep doing what they do. Facebook has a lot of people visiting on a daily basis – people who have money to spend on virtual upgrades to the latest Facebook game. So why not match up the two?

Introducing the Donate Now button:


When you click, you get a pop-up asking if you’d like to donate $10, $25 , $100, $250 or other (where you fill in your own amount.) Click next and you go here:

fb donate payThey’ve made the smart move to include PayPal as an option. That’s fast and easy. Or you can choose a credit card. Click “donate” and your money is headed for a good cause.

By the way. . .

fb store credit

I’m not suggesting that Facebook would do anything untoward with your credit card information. But they are making it easier to get your money the next time around. Since the pop-up box says “New credit / debit card”, I have to assume that any card I’d previously entered would automatically show up as an option.

This Donate Now button is designed to go along with posts in your newsfeed. There’s also a permanent donation box on the non-profit’s Page.

When you donate, you have the option of posting about it on your newsfeed. This may sound self-serving but it is a good way of bringing more people to the cause. So if you donate, please do share.

Facebook is launching with a wide variety of partners as you can see from this graphic:

nonprofitsI know I have a tendency to be cynical about these things but I do believe in donating to charities, so I’m behind this initiative 100%. I think this program will be especially potent during times of crisis when many people are looking for ways to donate to disaster relief efforts.

Facebook, I’m giving you a rare thumbs up for this effort. (Even keeping the credit card data because that lowers the threshold for anyone thinking about donating again.)

  • So this is only for the BIG Non Profits not for my local Non Profit who could really use the money from a Donate Now Button……

    Probably be years before I can use it… if they even release it.

    I give it a Thumbs Down.

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